10 Reasons The Video Game Industry Is Heading For Another Crash


The Playstation 4 might have spent 18 months selling like there’s no tomorrow, but thanks to a timely price reduction in the last couple of months, the Xbox One is now starting to catch up. Both have sold far more than their predecessors from last generation had at the same point in their life-cycle, that’s for sure.
It seems crazy then, to suggest that this might change – that gaming is heading for a major problem – but it has happened before, and to horrifying effect.

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uth111082d ago

The videogame market is NOT heading for another crash. People who claim this don't understand what caused the first crash.

It wasn't just over saturation. The 2600 had fewer games than modern consoles, and PC and mobile, and these are doing fine. Nowadays we have rating systems, let's play videos so people can determine the quality before we buy. We also have online retailers that aren't so concerned with physical shelf space.

It certainly wasn't ET. That game's lack of sales was a symptom of the crash, not the cause of it.

The main reason the market crashed in the 80s was that the videogame industry had bubble-like growth caused by the fact that videogames were a fad at the time and considered "the next big thing" with unstoppable growth, just like other bubbles-- ie dot com. Once the fad ended only core gamers were still playing and many of them upgraded to computers and away from consoles.

We don't have this kind of situation today. Games are much more an established part of people's lifestyle than they were then. If there's a crash it will be isolated to a segment like mobile

DEEBO1081d ago

The game market crasu because of crap games that was being push out.try that now with social media.the developers doors will but close so fast.

The quality of games today are top notch and are getting better plus with VR/AR coming is just a another sign that videogames are here to stay.

kalkano1080d ago

This is pretty accurate, but people will continue to plug their ears and shut their eyes, because they think that just because THEY are content, everyone else should be too. It doesn't work like that. If you're content with modern gaming, you're part of an ever-shrinking group of people.