What happened to the Resident Evil series?

With three Resident Evil HD remasters having now been released, a Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster on the way, and with it looking like Resident Evil 2 now getting its own remake treatment, just what happened to the series as a whole, and can it ever regain is crown as one of the scariest games?

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FallenAngel19841082d ago

I don't think its possible for RE7 to capture the essence of the original trilogy. Most of the early titles essence came from being on 5th gen consoles. At that time we didn't have a controllable camera, limited saves, and tank controls. Such things would feel out of place in today's age.

The closest we have to a legitimate RE sequel is Evil Within and its DLC.

Tdmd1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I think there's no real reason why inc ribbons shouldn't make a comeback. It was not a limit in old gen tech, but a design choice. A good one at that! Also, RE wasn't good because of its tank controls and fixed camera angles, it was all about the (amazingly done) eerie atmosphere, great and relatable characters, the puzzles and the fear of being all by your lonesome with very limited gear to handle the monster encounters. You were not a hero back than, you were a survivor. You were not up to save the world, but to escape the nightmare and maybe figure out what the heck was going on. It was less blockbuster and more bite size. All of that can still be made this day and age without looking too outdated. Tweak, upgrade and reskin the first dead space and there you have it. The thing is, RE5-6 formula seems to sells better, and now, that's all that matters.

Roccetarius1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

If only they waited with The Evil Within until UE4 was more developed, then maybe it could've been a stunning game. Maybe it was the environments or how it looked(especially the blood), but i just couldn't take it seriously.

What happened to Resident Evil was Shinji Mikami, RE4 and his exploration into the more action heavy scene. At least we got one of the more memorable titles out of it, which was Devil May Cry.

Crazay1081d ago

they tried too hard to be creative and lost their focus and forgot what the heart and soul of the series was. Survival Horror.

You need the heart pumping ambient sounds that strike fear into your soul as you turn a corner not knowing what was waiting for you. Or coming face to face with a group of zombies and realizing "shit - I have no more health sprays and just 5 bullets left. Do I take a chance and hope for 5 perfectly placed headshots or fun screaming for the hills?"

Moments like that is what made resident evil so amazing. Not the endless stupidity of mutations, or some lame as f..k parasite.

Personally, I think they need to start over. Go back to the mansion use the zombies (maybe a few mutated insects is OK and Nemesis) and rebuild the franchise. Make it scary and the people will come.

-Foxtrot1081d ago

"Personally, I think they need to start over. Go back to the mansion use the zombies (maybe a few mutated insects is OK and Nemesis) and rebuild the franchise. Make it scary and the people will come"

It just needs a re-telling

Like the RE: Remake, add more scenes, extend the mansion/underground, more rooms, more puzzles, more side stories like Lisa Trevor and like I've said at the end of the game change the ending so that small change with result in the future timeline to be completely rewritten

The Butterfly Effect

The Mansion doesn't blow up, they get back to Raccoon City Headquarters, the Zombies end up making their way through the forest to the city, the outbreak happens sooner, Chris/Barry/Jill/Rebecca are trapped in city as it happens and Leon ends up arriving when they've quarantined the city but goes along with a girl he's just met (Claire) who's trying to sneak into the city to find her brother.

Things would happen but in a totally different way

Same characters, same locations, same survival horror goodness but a totally new way to play so it all feels fresh

-Foxtrot1081d ago

Resident Evil 5 happened

Look I know Resident Evil 4 was the one that changed things but it's not like they made it what Resident Evil 6 is today.

If they stayed on course of what they were doing and didn't make things more action like they would have been ok.

Like I've posted before you can see what the game was going to be like

Jill, Barry, Sheva as a smaller character, Urobours being a small part of the story, Zombies being the main enemy, Tyrants, more night time levels...a merchant

It was like RE4 but with Chris and co

Instead we got RE5 including co-op which if you actually read the info on the link, that small change is what pretty much put them on the action route path even more. Co-op killed it.

It wouldn't have been like the old games still but Resident Evil 4.5 looked fantastic.

SuicidalTendencies1081d ago

Resident Evil 4 ruined the franchise forever. The more action focus attracted the casuals and made it COD popular and now we have what you see today. I know this because when RE4 came out I had people who never played a single RE game in their life telling me how great RE4 is. I knew it was all down hill from there.

-Foxtrot1081d ago

I've played the classics and RE4 and I still think RE4 is a great game

Not better then the originals but it's some a fantastic game

It changed things sure but it's what they did next that ruined it.

RE4 - Changed things

RE5 - Ruined Them

RE6 - Final nail in coffin

SuicidalTendencies1081d ago

I didn't say it wasn't a great game. Just that it went with a more casual approach to attract the shooter fans that were big at the time like Halo, CoD, etc. It worked too cause look at RE5 & RE6. Someone said they are the highest selling RE games. Gee, I wonder why? Resident Evil that I grew up with is dead. Now I have to hope & pray they don't turn a classic like RE2 into a RE4 clone with this remake.

samnnikk21081d ago

resident evil needs to learn from its roots sometimes innovations brings down originality and thats what happened to resident evil nowadays with these stupid mutations AND PARASITE CR**P...HEAR US ...

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