Nintendo, Along with 54 Other Companies, Gets Ready to Sue

"Nintendo of Japan is finally taking charge of their big DS piracy problem with the help of a little something called a lawsuit. However, Nintendo isn't the only one who is infuriated with this issue, 54 other big-and-small name companies are also backing Nintendo up on this one. Nintendo is simply asking for the end of all marketing, importing and sales of these R4 devices."

Via TheGameReviews

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predator3707d ago

finaly, i dislike people that get games ilegaly

cain1413707d ago

With how bad the music industry suffers from piracy I think this is just the future they are going to have to face...

Bleak as it may be...

kinggeoff3707d ago

If only the music industry were ACTUALLY suffering from piracy. Note: Don't always eat the BS the RIAA feeds you. They just may have a sliiiiight agenda

Baka-akaB3707d ago

future ? Piracy have been rampant since the ps1 era...

tatotiburon3707d ago

No one can kill piracy, give it up

YoMeViet3707d ago

So true so true, this is gonna affect many of my friends if this goes through, but I can still play DS games on my PSP and on my laptop with No$gba.

tatotiburon3707d ago

wow man, ds emulation on PSP sucks, is too slow

n00bzRtehgey3707d ago

dumb. Nintendo will lose. R4/M3 cards are not for roms. they are for homebrew. putting roms on them is up to the user. dumb nintendo. besides. roms aren't illegal if you own the game. maybe people want one massive 1 or 2 gig flash cart with all their games on it instead of lugging around 50 little garbage carts of like a measly 8 or 128 megs.

hfaze3707d ago

This is nothing new to Nintendo hand-helds.

One thing that would be interesting to see would be how DS hardware sales are affected if Nintendo manages to shut down all of the companies producing/selling flash carts...