What Gamers Want for the Week of 8-3-15: New Video Game Releases

EB: It’s a relatively light week in terms of must-play new video game releases, but Xbox One owners have a new title to look forward to. Rare Replay drops on Tuesday for the Xbox One, and it’s easily the best new release to be featured this week.

There are plenty of new PC releases as usual, but none of them are probably on your radar unless you live and die for random Indie titles.

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tacotruck1111d ago

I'm looking forward to the new Etrian Odyssey

Saelyn1111d ago

If I had an X1 I'd love the rare replay.

IamTylerDurden11111d ago


GALAK-Z is arguably the best game releasing all week. If ur uninformed go check it out.

According to this awesome article GALAK-Z, Submerged, Bedlam, The Castle Game, and 4 other games including a really cool looking f2p Moba called Transgalactic Tournament are releasing on PS4 all this Tuesday. Not exactly a light week on PS4.

StrayaKNT1111d ago

Arguably the best game releasing this week? So 30 of the best ever games that rare made aren't the best game releases this week? Lol come on dude conker alone is worth the purchase. I'm buying conker and getting 29 games for free. Rare replay has this month on lock.

IamTylerDurden11110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Lol at 30 of "the best games ever"...........(in small text) ---> that rare made.

Have fun with 30 old rem...just old games. I already played Kameo 10 years ago, Battletoads looks poorly done. Things like archade archives exist already, nostalgia only goes so far. It's a cute collection of old games.

Have fun with that, i'll play new games like GALAK-Z, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Volume, Submerged & Bedlam on Tuesday aug 4th, Until Dawn, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, Transgalactic tournament (free), Nova-111, Ascendant and plenty more. To each their own.

Also, wth is Astern blade, he meant AeternoBlade. Whoever disagrees with that (#4 below) is wrong.

IamTylerDurden11111d ago

This article claims "Astern blade" releases this Tuesday, but am i mistaken or did he mean AeternoBlade? Hmm.