A Testament to Emergent Narrative: How Failing Made me Love Darkest Dungeon

OnlySP: So I'm going to tell you a story. A story about a game. A game you should buy. It's not a perfect game, nor is it the flashiest or most polished game. But it is an amazing game, and a game that perfectly encapsulates one part of gaming that I love but don't see very often.

First though, on to my story:

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Cy1110d ago

Very good article. I do the exact same thing with strategy games, invent my own story based on the events happening and make up characters and motivations and successes and failures. In CK2 I sometimes console kill my character because I want the kingdom to be split into civil war between the two sons who keep attempting to assassinate each other in the background. I never really gave Darkest Dungeon much thought, because I'd always heard it described as a "hardcore dungeon crawler" which doesn't appeal to me, but after reading the article I can see it from a different perspective and I kinda wanna give it a try.

joab7771110d ago

Good article. Gamers do this all the time...role playing. In mist mmo's, there are entire servers set up just for this. And many write short stories about their adventures etc.

And others dont. But I agree that it adds to any game. The Souls games are great for this. Bloodborne had the perfect situation for this.