Warhammer Online dev: "The game's finished, we could ship it now"

Speaking to VG247 at Develop in Brighton today, Mythic's Paul Barnett confirmed the news hundreds of thousands of pre-orderers will be thrilled to hear: Warhammer Online is finished and ready to ship.

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geda3588d ago

“We just won Game of the Show from IGN, G4 and GameSpy from E3 and they all said the same thing: they’ve never seen an MMO prior to launch that’s as polished and slick and ready to go as our game is. Our game looks great, feels great, plays great."

wait what? i don't remember that... anyone have a link?

Vecta3588d ago

I think he was referring to best MMO at the show.

M0rt3n3588d ago

Of course it's done, they removed half of the content a few weeks ago.

Vecta3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

They removed 4 out of the 24 classes...

And then moved the content from the 4 cities they removed to the 2 main ones.

= not much content lost.

Leathersoup3588d ago

Theoretically, if you remove enough features from the product, you could be finished before you started. :)

Altered_Soul3588d ago

As with any MMO that is released, I will wait to see the initial reactions before plunking down monthy earnings.

But what I really want, is a 40k MMO, though if I remember my news correctly, thats on the way from a separate studio as well.