Assassin's Creed Syndicate: How Ubisoft Is Ensuring That The Launch Isn't As Buggy As Unity

Ubisoft is determined to make Syndicate's launch better than Unity's

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Am-No-Hero1078d ago

" Ubisoft had quite a few problems on that launch day "

Quite a few problems !! are you sure ?

dude , they launched a broken game .

GrimmQuiorra1078d ago

I really love how nonchalantly they put it.

Yeah, just a few. Shitty fps. Shitty textures. Sluggish and unresponsive controls. Being able to see the inside of peoples faces. Amongst other things.

But, yeah. Just a few.

Genuine-User1078d ago

I'm done with the series. I think it needs a full reboot.

iDadio1078d ago

The best part of recent ones was ship battles on 4 and that's nothing to do with its own style, like you say it needs a long break or something incredibly new to make it fresh again.

TheColbertinator1078d ago

I love AC but the series needs a break

Naji4Me1078d ago

So its buggy but not like Unity :)

jmc88881078d ago

Well that would probably be a first.

Let's hope they succeed, and let's hope it doesn't cause less quality control amongst other games. Hopefully they increased their overall capacity so games like say... Rainbow Six Siege doesn't suffer because they pulled quality control from that for AC: Syndicate.

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