Too many Need For Speeds got “confusing” admits developer


"Over the years, the Need for Speed series has been through so many iterations it's no surprise racing fans have become a little agnostic to its many-faced antics. Now that the franchise has found a new home at Ghost Games, there's hope the rebooted Need for Speed will finally capture that magic that made highlights such as Underground and the original Most Wanted so special."

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Retroman1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Well maybe Underground 1/2 , Mostwanted (BLACKBOX STUDIO) version capture the magic but it was blackbox studio Hotpursuit 2 gave it FLAVOR.

which NFS was confusing ?? the run?? yep, undercove ?? yep, criterions mostwanted?? yep, criterions hotpursuit?? yep, rivals?? yep.

USMC_POLICE1084d ago

I still play hot pursuit 2 weekly. The new most wanted was nothing like the old and the run was a joke.

brigggggz1084d ago

Agreed. The thing that disappointed me the most about the new MW was the complete lack of progression... In the original, there were 30ish cars, and you unlocked better cars as you went. In the new one, I could find an Ariel Atom in the first 10 minutes if I went to the right part of the map... That makes the entry-level street cars (my personal favorites, like the Evo) pointless.

lipton1011084d ago

I hated the newest need for speed games. Last one i enjoyed was the most Wanted from 2005 on Xbox 360. I'm more of a driveclub / GT type of racing gamer, but I can dig some arcade style sometimes. Unfortunately, for the past 10 years, NFS has failed to deliver. Hopefully this iteration is a move in the right direction. I know I'll be waiting for it to hit the bargain bin before I pick it up - not paying premium pricing for this franchise.