Xbox live to be free?

Good news for thrifty gamers: Microsoft's online multiplayer service could be offered free in the future.

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Relcom3669d ago

The day its doen't overheat and has free online i will buy one for sho.

P4KY B3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

My 6th or 7th (I've lost count) 360 blew the fuses in my house on Sunday night. Then displayed the RROD.

I probably deserved it for playing MOH: Airborne

Fox013669d ago

Please do everyone a favor, don't buy a 360.

Lelouch V Brit3669d ago

"Both would be nice.
My 6th or 7th (I've lost count) 360 blew the fuses in my house on Sunday night. Then displayed the RROD.

I probably deserved it for playing MOH: Airborne"

I Don't Believe it, I have my xbox 360 since launch date and it still work like new.

bruiser813669d ago

Well your one of the lucky ones cause i for one am on my second, now the second one is cracking my games. Dont ask me how cause i dont know but my gears of war is no more.

Panthers3669d ago

You better hope you didnt just jinx yourself. No reason to not believe him. It is not uncommon to hear about people on their 6th or 7th 360.

P4KY B3669d ago

I've reported my problems on this site each time they have happened.
I got my first at launch in 2005 and it had graphical glitches, my second did the same, my third worked for a while then RROD'd, my fourth had DRE then RROD'd, my fifth had DRE and my sixth has just RROD'd.

And people said I was a liar when I got to my 4th.

But what choice do I have, I love games so I need a 360.

Lifendz3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

If true then kudos to MS for finally doing the right thing and not charging people to play games online with friends. Now if I didn't think Xbox 720 was 2 years (at the max) away, I'd pick up a 360.

Oh yeah, the day XBL gold is free is the day you MS owners should thank Sony. That's right, thank Sony. Cuz if Sony had charged for PSN, XBL would never have gone free. And yes, the day Live is free is the day I concede that Live is the superior service (assuming Sony doesn't have home, widespread use of trohpies, cross game invites, and more games using custom soundtracks).

Fox013669d ago

I don't think we'll see a new Xbox system be fore FFXIII comes out; which means, no 720/phoenix... before 2011 at least.

bruiser813669d ago

@1.8 unless they pull a "Sony" and support both the 360 and the newer system. It seems they are trying to remain as competitive as possible so there is a strong possibility that they will

JsonHenry3669d ago

I had my 360 since launch day and it just broke last month. And it was because of my daughter standing on it. I know they break. But I have a hard time believing this guys story.

Anyway, THANK YOU SONY for adding features for free so that Microsoft is going to be forced to follow suit.

P4KY B3669d ago

My story is 100% true. I'm a huge 360 fan and realise my experience is unusual.

Over the years MS have apologized and have given me a free console and two free games (Halo 3 and Viva Piniata). Quite annoyingly I gave the free console to my friend and he hasn't had a problem in 2 years!

But even with all the trouble i've had I suppose it could be worse, I could have a PS3 with 1 good game.

LJWooly3669d ago

I've never gotten the flu, therefore it must not exist, right?

Montrealien3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

News on how a great service might be offered for free and the first 6 comments are about how the console sucks and over heats and is RRODing. All by people that don`t even display a gamertag in their profile.


why would he share his Gamertag with losers like us? He does not want to be harassed. I do think he is telliong the truth though.

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Dlacy13g3669d ago

I say "if" they offer LIVE online play free and its based soley on Windows for gaming titles then who cares. All we will see are poorly ported PC games being offered up for free cross platform play. All the good console engineered titles which we would want to play in the first place on LIVE would still cost money according to this...and thus it still would be a broken model.

KobeT243669d ago

When will this happen? The year 2122.

Microsoft isnt stupid. 12 million + people are willing to pay for the annual fee, so why would they stop? Microsoft is making a bundle off of this money, but all we here are people complaing but noone actually not paying.

TOSgamer3669d ago

Because I believe that's how many people signed up for Live total including Silver members. And there are a lot of silver members. About half the people I know with a 360 have gold while the other half don't bother.

La Chance3669d ago

absolutely.The thing is people are willing to pay.Moreover people in the minds have the belief that Live is THE superior online experience so paying just seems normal.Its been like that since xbox.
Moreover I think Live must be brings in alot of cash for MSFT.

I bet Sony would have loved to charge for PSN but know that it would never have worked because of the differance in "quality".

chanto233669d ago

if xbox live is worth 60$...

then the PSN is worth like 40$ as it is...if Sony doesn't charge for it is because they know online gaming should be free.

The quality is the same and sometimes even better on PSN, the difference is that PSN is missing some FEATURES that LIVE has (private chat and cross game invites to name a few)...

-M4verick-3669d ago

FREAKING SWEET for all gamers. Xbox Live is so good.