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Check out Use A Potion's review of Lifeless Planet, available on Xbox One, Windows and OSX.
"It actually felt a relief to finally get the chance to play Lifeless Planet after being interested in it so long. Upon completing the game I felt a feeling of satisfaction too. I went into the game not fully knowing what to expect having only seen screenshots of the game in action. There’s not a lot of variety in the gameplay and at times the game could look quite bland. Still, I couldn’t help but to be impressed– especially considering the bulk of the game was developed by one person. Some environments were very impressive and making those precise jumps was very satisfying. I was never bored during gameplay and enjoyed unravelling the mysteries of the planet, even if the store was a little incoherent at times. I can’t see myself visiting Lifeless Planet again, but those 6 hours with the game were very well spent. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next from a very talented developer."

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