The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was all down to timing

Here's a question for you: where were you when the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced? Oh yeah, you were probably a pile of human jelly on the floor, your liquefied, yet ecstatic form still recovering from the confirmation of The Last Guardian /and/ Shenmue 3. Then POW! Sony reveals the most beloved JRPG of all time is being remade. Right in the kisser.

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christian hour1080d ago

Where was I? Glued to my seat for fear of falling off into an abyss of sheer awe. That's where I was!

goldwyncq1080d ago

The writer got it wrong - the remake was revealed before Shenmue 3.

Serg1080d ago

I think I'll become a games journalist... sitting on your ass playing games all day, then hammering gibberish onto a keyboard... sounds like a load of fun to me!

Seriously though, how does one not take the 30 seconds it takes to confirm the order in which things were announced... and instead gets the second sentence of the article factually wrong.