Apple & Google: Backlash Ahoy

The Grouse writes:

If you subject yourself to as many RSS feeds as I do every morning, then you might be wise to the fact that there's a bit of mutiny percolating in parts of the blogosphere-a mutiny against tech darlings Apple and Google. Yes, Microsoft is, has always been and will for the foreseeable future continue to be the big bad wolf of the tech world. But as each new version of Windows comes out antiquated or broken before it ever goes on sale, and the company comes up short in the search, advertising and online services sectors, it seems as though the wolf may be losing its bite. Of course, Microsoft isn't going away anytime soon, but its days as the most hated evil techdom may be numbered.

When Microsoft trips up we snicker. When it does something wrong we're insulted. When it finds success we get angry. Such is the cost of power. I'm not suggesting Microsoft hasn't earned the public's scorn, but as Redmond loses ground in various areas to different competitors, we need to keep our eyes open and prepare for life under the iron fist of tech's next evil empire. Fortunately, Apple and Google are already giving us a glimpse of what that life might be like.

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foodbox3640d ago

"each new version of Windows comes out antiquated or broken before it ever goes on sale"

What total horse-shiat. This guy has bought the Apple (and linux) fanboy anti-Vista fiction.

While i agree with some material in this article, his understanding of Vista is clearly fiction.