No Plans For Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 HD Remix on PS4

TheArabGamer writes: "Korean gaming site, Ruliweb, recently conducted an interview with Kingdom Hearts series Director,Tetsuya Nomura. In it he confirmed that there are no plans of bringing the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD remix collections to PS4 (despite popular demand). The following translation is courtesy of KH13."

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RashBandicoot1144d ago

I'm assuming they'll announce it in 2016 with Dream Drop Distance bundle.

Abash1144d ago

If they don't bring them to PS4 they are missing out on exposing the series to a lot of new players. It's really needed if they want Kingdom Hearts III to be as successful as possible

-Foxtrot1143d ago

If you need to play DDD to understand Kingdom Hearts 3 story (there words, NOT mine) then they need to bring it to consoles

Seriously this "buying a game on a rival handheld to understand the story on another console" was the worst decision Square has made....why make the story so complicated

You could have had a totally separate character which has nothing to do with Sora and his story

1143d ago
knifefight1143d ago

"No plans."

Hey isn't that the exact same phrase companies always use, and in fact, that Square Enix used about KH HD coming to the West?

Why yes it is.

They'll announce things when they decide, of course.

_-EDMIX-_1143d ago

@Fox- agreed.

No plans...until they have plans lol.

Why not too? Its money and the staff doing it won't likely even be staff from KH III.

Makes sense.

3-4-51143d ago

Makes no sense not to.

Magicite1142d ago

Ill just finish them both on PS3 and wait for KH3, also gonna watch KH 3D on youtube, not worth getting 3DS for it.

[email protected]1142d ago

yet... exactly. It seem logical the new interaction (KH3) come into the new system.

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MrSwankSinatra1144d ago

Can Square like make new games instead of re-releasing, remixing, remastering and remaking stuff? For Christs sake I've never known a company to do it to such an extent as the way square does it.

Snookies121143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Except, Kingdom Hearts was one series that REALLY needed to have a collection all on one platform. Anyway, they're making Kingdom Hearts 3 right now, as well as FF XV. Those are new entries, and not remasters, remakes, etc.

RashBandicoot1143d ago

^I agree. People who will be jumping into 3 will be confused as you'll need to know what happened in the prior games.

MrSwankSinatra1143d ago

We've spent almost a decade waiting for both of those games.

Snookies121143d ago

@MrSwankSinatra - Actually, that's only FF XV. Kingdom Hearts 3 wasn't announced until recently. So, despite knowing they had to make one at some point. There was no confirmation. Things seem to be on track for both, and honestly I can see us having both of these games within the next two years.

_-EDMIX-_1143d ago

I see you don't know just how little it takes to port a game.

$1 million can port a game.

10 developers....can port a game.

it can be done in mere weeks.

We've seen games take up to 5 or 6 years to make ground up,

we've seen teams with over 600 to even 1000 developers...

We've seen games that took well over $100 million to make, we've even seen some games that had MARKETING budgets of $200 million!

Sooooooooo I think they can do both. You will always get more PORTS faster then new games, that is not them making them INSTEAD OF, they are doing BOTH!

FFVII remake (which is very much going to cost and take the time of a brand new game anyway, it won't just be faster or cheaper...)
World Of FF

and many, many more.

Its 10 dudes and a some months, vs hundreds of developers and some YEARS for a brand new game.'ll see lots of remasters and remakes to fund new games, but I see no reason to do them INSTEAD of. That doesn't even make any sense.

Simple math and simple understanding of real game development very much shows you don't know what your talking about.

Of a 100 million game, what will 1 million really do?

Of a team of 600 or more, what will 10 missing or even extra staff...really do?

Of development of a port that takes weeks vs a real game that takes years! What will those missing 10 dudes for some weeks do to a 600 man or more staff working on a game that will take YEARS!?

Its 1 million put to a 100 million game..

or...or 1 million put to a port that makes then 5 million...that puts 5 million into a full game?

I think you need to really understand what is paying for those new games.

Sly-Lupin1143d ago

Or Sony could just give us proper BC.

WeAreLegion1143d ago

How? I'd love to know how they could do that. I'm sure Sony would love for you to teach their engineers how to do the impossible.

_-EDMIX-_1143d ago

What does that have to do with Square? Square is looking to sell a game series, BC doesn't just give them more sales, it could, but I'm pretty sure a remaster or HD port would get them more sales vs BC where folks could just buy them used.

Square is looking to make money, BC doesn't help them in that regard.

Its not Sony's business, its not Squares business.

wonderfulmonkeyman1143d ago

A new PS4 SKU that's a little more expensive but features native BC would sell like hot cakes if Sony advertised it right.
And if the E3 reveal of the PS4 has taught us anything, it's that Sony is DAMNED GOOD at marketing with clever angles.

Besides, by this point, the tech needed from the PS3 should have gone way down in price due to age, so it shouldn't be too costly to use to create a new SKU including it.

I'd definitely pay a little bit extra for proper BC.
It beats paying for streamed rentals you can't even play without internet access, over the long term, any day of the week.

spacedelete1143d ago

PS4 fanboys don't want BC though. they want to pay full price twice on a game with only a resolution increase.

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Jessahness1143d ago

I hope they bring it to PS4. :(

FallenAngel19841143d ago

It would take even more time away from KH3. I just want them to put KH3D on consoles

_-EDMIX-_1143d ago

Not really. Ports most times are not done by the main team, take very little time and less then 10 people can do a port.

They are not just remaking the game in some new engine or something.

KH III's team is likely in the small hundreds and I don't think 10 programmers will hurt the game.

Mind you, that is even if anyone from that team is even doing the port, it might just get outsourced anyway. I mean...have you not factored that we got FFX and X2 on PS3, Vita and PS4 yet FFXV is still being made? I mean....did it not occur to you taht maybe its not the same members working on those ports that are even working on FFXV or main titles?

FallenAngel19841143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Except the KH ReMixes were made by the same Square Enix 1st Production Department in Osaka team behind Re:CoM, BBS, DDD, and KH3 along with help from Square Enix's Tokyo team.

A port still takes time and manpower to develop. For example look how long it from the time FFX/X-2 HD was announced in 2011 to the time it was released in 2013. And that was only its Japanese release, it was internationally released in 2014. Its not as simple as it appears.

FFXV is being made by the team behind KH1 and KH2. In fact that team had to devote time away from FFXV to help another team develop FFXIII back then. They have teams that work with others on projects. KH3 however is being developed by the same team behind KH1.5 and KH2.5.

Most of FFX/X-2 HD was outsourced to external development team Virtuos. None of the KH ReMixes were outsourced. I really doubt they'd start with a KH3D remaster, especially since Tai Yasue (co-director of KH3) stated that simultaneously working on KH1.5 and KH2.5 allowed the team to learn all the best qualities from the series that would aid them in creating the best experience for KH3.

Do you even do research before getting into discussions?

_-EDMIX-_1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

" Ports most times are not done by the main team"

"most times"

and mind you, you don't even know how many even did those could have been less then 20 people doing those ports if not less.

"KH3 however is being developed by the same team behind KH1.5 and KH2.5."

Soooo do you even know how many members of that team even did those collections?

I don't think it was the whole team bud...

This port team is made up of 10 members......soooooooooooo lol

Even funnier...who is to say the PS4 versions would even be done by the same folks and not just outsourced like FFX and X-2? The legit lolz...

So....less then 20 staff members of a team that could be made up of 100 some how hurt KH3 from those members not being around for a few weeks? The lolz...the deep, deep lolz. Ports don't just take years and years, and millions and millions.

No one is being hurt by them.

FallenAngel19841143d ago

A considerable amount of the Osaka team developed the ReMixes since those were training excercoses to train the team in preparation for KH3.

That link didn't tell me anything about KH. In any case it really doesn't matter how much of the team worked on it, its still effort being taken away from KH3.

Because they didn't outsource KH1.5 and KH2.5. Seems weird not to outsource those titles and then start outsourcing KH3D HD.

FF X/X-2 and FF Type-0 took 3 years to develop and release internationally, and they had to cut corners in certain places just to reach the deadline. Certain ports take a considerable amount of time and effort.

KimikoGaming1143d ago

Doubt we will see 1.5HD and 2.5HD on PS4 INDIVIDUALLY.

What we will probably see is this:
Dream Drop Distance HD on PS3
Kingdom Hearts: Complete Dark Seeker Saga for PS4

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