Will there ever be a Jak and Daxter 4? - The fans Jak 4 petition

Fans of Jak and Daxter have been asking Naughty Dog to make Jak 4 for many, many years now. Still, no such game has ever been made. However, no one thought that Shenmue 3 would ever happen either (which it is thank to Kickstarter and the fan community. So "maybe" Jak and Daxter 4 could happen with the help of the Jak community and Kickstarter?

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IIFloodyII1051d ago

Naughty Dog tried and gave up making Jak 4, I doubt the want to try again anytime soon, maybe they'll let another studio take over, but I doubt it.

TGG_overlord1051d ago

That´s what I found out as well, and that would be a good plan B for sure. Naughty Dog could always try Kickstarter?

_-EDMIX-_1050d ago

Well its not Naughty Dog's IP for starters its Sony's and the team is one of the best teams in gaming, I'm pretty sure if they canned it, it was for good reason.

That doesn't mean no Jak 4, merely not the Jak 4 concept they where currently working on.

nucky641050d ago

yea - they gave up because they didn't feel the concept they were trying to use was working.....and judging from the concept art of jak, I can see why. they need to do a new J&D game but not lose sight of what made the games great: they were light-hearted and fun.

I don't want serious, military jak!

Majin-vegeta1050d ago

If they cant go with plan A then go with plan B.All Jak 1-3 remakes like the New R&C games.At least then they would keep us occupied.

_-EDMIX-_1050d ago

I think it should be remade sorta like how Ratchet 1 is being remade on PS4, but that may not even be Naughty Dog doing that as it could be another team.

Naughty Dog can always do a Jak 4 with a different concept, I don't think this means no Jak 4, juts not the one shown in those pictures.

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jerethdagryphon1050d ago

first of all 3 completes the cycle anymore wont fit the story
first jak finds the precurser orbs and stuff
2nd he goes to the fuure and starts figuring out stuff what happened
3rd they send back young jak and younger old guy

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nucky641050d ago

uh, no. if you saw the end of #3 - it definitely leaves the door wide open for the 2 to have entirely new adventures.

DragoonsScaleLegends1050d ago

Nope, fps and zombie games are the only games that will bring in the casuals. Naughty Gods future is not looking bright after Uncharted 4. I suspect more lesbian zombie dlc is coming.

DragoonsScaleLegends1050d ago

It's funny that you thought that I was trying to be.

Kingdomcome2471050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

What? Did you watch the same UC 4 footage as everyone else? You are trolling , and you yourself don't even believe what you've typed. The only thing worse than a troll, is a troll without conviction. OT: If you guys could only choose one, which would you take? A new Jak & Daxter installment, or a new Crash?

Majin-vegeta1050d ago

I dont think I could choose both those series have deep sentimentals in my childhood ;_;.

DragoonsScaleLegends1050d ago

I said after UC4 the future is not bright, understanding English must be difficult for you. :(

Kingdomcome2471049d ago

Lol. I can pretty much guarantee that I both comprehend and speak English far better than you. Once again... what was it within the UC 4 footage that would prompt your response? It looks to me as though they've raised their own bar once again, which in turn means that they are still improving their craft, which gives plenty of reason to be more than hopeful for life after UC. Keep trolling, man.

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