The must play ‘Rare Replay’ games

Rare is one of gaming’s most beloved developers, with a plethora of highly praised games throughout their long history. With 2015 being the 30th anniversary of the company, Rare has decided to release a collection of thirty of their best games, and it’s set to be released soon. With thirty games to choose from, some people may have a hard time deciding which games to play first, so let’s look at the must play games on Rare Replay.

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Black0ut959d ago

Must play? Gotta be Battletoads, PD & Banjo for me. But honestly, all of these titles included are brilliant games. Dat nostalgia hype!!

Toiletsteak959d ago

The first game i am playing is Conker then i will play all the Banjos and then the rest, this is a really sweet deal i would have payed £18 just to play Conker but with this i am getting 29 more games.

RosweeSon959d ago

Blast corps is great fun.

Perjoss959d ago

I enjoyed Viva Pinata way more than a grown man should have...

Juiceid959d ago

So many of my friends on xbl who are adults would say the same thing.

Kribwalker959d ago

I only missed out on 2 achievements in the first one. I'm gonna play jet force Gemini, blastcorps, conker, both perfect darks, kameo, hell I'll make my way through them all at some point

Scrivlar959d ago

Haha same! I found it really hard keeping my garden in control with all the animals etc, looking forward to redeeming myself.

RosweeSon959d ago

Yeah I'm least looking forward to the stuff that's already been to Xbox 360 as I had most of them but the older stuff is legendary games gonna start old and work my way through to the newer stuff but might skip the banjos and save them for last same with the perfect darks. All great games tho but it's all about Blast Corps, Jet Force Gemini and Conkers Bad Fur day not been available for a long time anywhere else (apart from that Conker on original Xbox) but there my top 3 but then that's just me.

lemoncake959d ago

My first mission will be to finally beat grabbed by the ghoulies, it was the first game I had on my original Xbox and I never did manage to complete it cause it was so hard.

thecowsaysmoo959d ago

Battle Toads for me. Also, I found man bear pig.

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The story is too old to be commented.