Expect These Final Fantasy XII HD Changes

PSLS bets that Final Fantasy XII HD will follow in FFX and X-2 HD's footsteps. Both got "International Versions" which served as the foundations for their HD upgrades, and came to Vita, PS3, and PS4. Kingdom Hearts remasters only came to PS3 (...for now...) but still used their upgraded "Final Mix" re-releases as the foundation, not the original.

Info and predictions about the Final Fantasy XII HD version gamers might just find themselves with.

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knifefight1083d ago

The conductor said "remake," but I think as a conductor and not a developer or PR person, he was likely to make that slip. A lot of gamers incorrectly call remasters -- or even simple PORTS -- "remakes" sometimes. That's probably what happened here.

I don't see what Square Enix would have to gain from completely re-developing FFXII from the ground up, when FFX and KH sold so well as upgraded PS2 games.

Articuno761083d ago

Consider also that from the point of a musically minded person the new version would involve re-doing (i.e. remaking) all the songs as was the case with FFX HD. So he was likely talking about a remaster, albeit one with redone music.

DemonChicken1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Agreed - was thinking this remake will be along the lines of a something very similar to FFX

1083d ago
Sly-Lupin1083d ago

Don't forget that many developers and publishers ALSO use the term "remake" improperly--sometimes out of ignorance, but mostly because it's a word with a lot of positive connotations whereas "port" has negative connotations.

FallenAngel19841083d ago

I'm pretty sure a FFXII HD will be based oh the superior International version to give people who played the original incentive to revisit the game. Its only logical.

FFXII is the only mainline Final Fantasy game not released on modern consoles. I hope Square Enix makes the announcement at GamesCon.

Magicite1083d ago

what about FF9, is it on PSN?

deathtok1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Yes. VII, VIII and IX are on PSN. The OP is right, XII is the only main series only on PS2 right now.

Wintersun6161083d ago

I personally hope it's the original version. I didn't like how much the IZJS version limited your choices on character development. The restrictions on equipment and skills were too much for me, because having complete freedom for character builds was the reason why I loved this game as much as I did.

MeteorPanda1083d ago

wait the original na version was the one that was restricted wasn't it? I never got a chance to play the game fully, can't remember what Australia was given but this is hinting that it may be the international, more expanded edition.

Wintersun6161083d ago

No I don't think so. The international version has the job system, which forces you to choose a class for each playable character. Each class has restrictions on skills, magics and gear they can use. I think the original version was identical in all regions. The International version wasn't even released everywhere.

Lucreto1083d ago

I hope so, I only played this game once. The PS3 was just out and I never got around to play it a second time.

I read up on the international Zodaic board. It seems interesting. It was created because the players just unlocked everything for everyone and didn't differentiate between characters, so they went back to the traditional job system.

I like having my characters have defined roles so I set up my party like Ashe was a White mage and Penello was a black mage.So apparently I was playing the game how it was originally intended with realising it.

RPGrinder1083d ago

Wold love this also on 3DS

Dasteru1083d ago

The 3DS isn't even close to capable of handling FFXIIs visuals.

RPGrinder1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

The 3DS has been proven to run PS2 games, even make them run better in some instances (Tales)

It makes sense to release it on 3DS, especially in Japan along with PS4. The DQ XI way.

Sly-Lupin1083d ago

It's more than capable. Do you not understand how games work?

It might have to sacrifice some draw distance and/or framerate, but it could easily run on the 3DS.

But it's easier to port a game to vastly more powerful hardware, so that's probably what's gonna happen.

Dasteru1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )


Sorry but does not look even close to

You could probably get a PS4 version of Tetris to run on the 3DS. That does not make the 3DS as powerful as a PS4. FFXII was one of the most demanding games on the PS2.


Yes i very much understand game development. It would seem more so than you do. The 3DS is only slightly more powerful than the N64. It does not matter how much you reduce draw distance or limit framerate, you will not get FFXII on the 3DS while having it look even close to the same game. The texture sizes alone are many times higher than the 3DS even has the memory to load to. The only way it would work is to completely remove all the surface textures and just load the blank meshes. At that point you might barely be able to fit it into memory and it would look like crap while still only running at 1-2fps.

RPGrinder1083d ago

People said that about DQ XI on 3DS too

deathtok1083d ago

This was one of the last AAA titles on the PS2 and I'm really looking forward to picking it up again. For its time, it was ahead of the curve with 480p and 16:9 support too!

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