The Most Interesting Premieres and Competition Games in August 2015

GamingSoFar: While the cinemas get the biggest blockbusters of the year in the world of computer games there is a real drought – fortunately not serious enough to even for a moment not be able to divert thoughts from the exceptionally cold summer. Almost everyone will find at least one interesting project playable, whether cyberpunk real-time strategy Satellite Reign, Armikrog or visually captivating game from the authors of the exploratory Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. After years of absence, return also packed intergalactic soldiers in created for a new generation re-release of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition , the holders of the PlayStation 4 will taste delicious RPG Risen 3: Titan Lords in a prepared specially for them versions Enhanced , and Star Wars fans and Pixar production submerge the fabulous world of Disney Infinity 3.0 . At the end of yet virtual horror movie (or rather Slasher) Until Dawn and brought back to life after six years of coma Overlord, in the form of co-operation oriented action, the Fellowship of Evil. As we can see, coins spared from holiday trips will still manage to find their application.

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