Are Gamers Suckers?

As gamers, we are always waiting for the the next big reveal. Whether it is the next IP, the next game, or the next generation console. Three years ago, we all knew the next generation consoles (PS4/XBOX ONE) were coming, but we had no details. Then within two months of each other, we got our first details, and we our mouths starting to salivate. We were so excited! We wanted more! We needed more! Then at E3 we got more. Some good (PS4) and some bad (XBOX ONE).

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BillytheBarbarian1084d ago

Definitely. Just look at the people buying up remakes because of the lack of backwards compatibility. Look at people buying Madden every year even though it's the same year in and year out. PUKE.

Crimzon1084d ago

Yup. Add to that all the people that get suckered by preorders and season passes etc.

FITgamer1084d ago

Remakes of good games you've already played can be worth it. Remastered games on the other hand, not so much.

WeAreLegion1084d ago

Those aren't suckers. Suckers are people who don't know better. These people know what they're getting into.

MasterCornholio1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Funny thing is that all the remasters that I bought I haven't played before.

I noticed you said remake instead of remaster.

Was that intentional because I believe really well made remakes are just fine. Like the Ratchett and Clank game for example.

BillytheBarbarian1084d ago

Yeah remakes can be good. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love Super Street Fighter 2 HD. But, God of War 3 and Gears of War U.E. seem like cash grabs. I'd rather them work on new stuff instead of wasting time making a game 1080p from 900p. As long as I can get 720p out of my games I'm happy.

scark921084d ago

I buy remasters if I have not played the game yet, or if I would like to play it again.

ShaunCameron1083d ago

LOL @ the lack of backwards compatibility. As if Sony owes anyone that.

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MrSwankSinatra1084d ago

Hell yeah they are. I mean as an example look at all the gamers who get exploited without even realizing it when it comes to those stupid collector's editions. The cost of those cheap ass things don't cost anywhere near the asking price of what these publishers are asking. That Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 is a prime example of that. It's nothing more than cheap plastic and paper with a steelbook thrown in. Sorry, but that junk isn't worth 120 bucks.

N4g_null1084d ago

What is really funny is how everyone had a wii and said it was casuals that all bought one. Being a hard core gamer means you don't have a lot of time for other adult versions of entertainment. I'm wonder how many adult gamers there really are now. More kids ensures that EA or any one else can and will dup them into paying for something they don't want.

It's hard to pin point what makes gamers so easy to trick. The bar is so low these days though. Yet are they really sicker if that is what they want. I mean some people actually like bad movies and watch those exclusively.

The truth of the matter is who isn't a suckered in some form these days.

wakeNbake1084d ago

Some are, but I think the more enlightened ones are well of the industry's shenanigans.

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