Review: The nostalgic nightmare of Resident Evil 2

Why so many old school gamers want a remake of a game that was released 17 years ago for the PlayStation? To understand why the gaming community holds Resident Evil 2 in such high regards, one needs to go back to that one night in Raccoon City to examine this classic and understand what it achieved.

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stanr1151d ago

I had to dig up my old copy of the game and play through it just to reconnect with what made this game so great. Sure there are a several plot holes now but overall it was a true master piece and a testament to the PlayStation.

Ocsta1150d ago

Because it was a masterpiece that's why.

Roccetarius1150d ago

I can imagine a remake of Resident Evil 2, or any old school Resident Evil would be controversial, if they plan on taking the Square Enix approach.

We don't know for sure what they're planning with that game, but chances are it's a game changer.

stanr1150d ago

They only way a Resident Evil 2 remake will be controversial is if they try to make it like Resident Evil 5.

nucky641150d ago

i'll never forget the first time I walked into the police station and that cutscene panned around the huge main entry room - and I could feel the evil that was hiding there......amazing.

Plagasx1150d ago

And the first time you saw the Licker... O_O

nucky641150d ago

yea..... that cutscene that slowly panned to the ceiling and there it was!....sweet.