The Witcher 3's best quests


"I couldn’t stop thinking about Moby Dick while playing The Witcher 3. The game isn’t a massive, meandering novel, but they do have something vital in common. Moby Dick is 25 percent traditional plot and 75 percent internal monologues on whale anatomy as a springboard for philosophy. It’s weirdly specific and tangential, and likewise, The Witcher 3 is 10 percent Geralt’s story and 90 percent the rest of the world’s. In other words, the game is at its best when it stops being about saving the world and is instead about anything else, like finding a frying pan for a distraught old woman in a decrepit riverside village. It’s these particularities in a massive world that give it a pulse. And while the main questline is good fantasy storytelling, it wouldn’t carry weight or consequence without being grounded in mundanity first. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy sliding through The Hero’s Journey time and time again, it’s just always been a conduit—especially in games—to live somewh...

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Hellsvacancy1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

"Want some of my dry curd" always cracked me up everytime I heard it

philm871078d ago

Liked the one with the Baron and the Botchling. So many good quests though, with so many interesting characters. Johnny deserves a mention.

I wish I could wipe my memory of this game so I could have the full experience over again. Sold it, but may re-buy for the expansions and NG+ mode.

nowitzki20041078d ago

Wait for the enhanced edition.

Der_Kommandant1078d ago

Ladies of the Wood and Carnal Sins