The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 7: Resident Evil 4


"Resident Evil 4 is the best goddamn game in the series. Full stop. Sadly, I'm not allowed to just write that and move onto the next game in the list. So let's talk RE4."

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DarkOcelet1144d ago

I was enjoying the article until you said Resident Evil Outbreak wasn't great and RE3 felt tired.

Both those two are my favorite in the series.

stanr1144d ago

Agreed, Resident Evil 3 is a classic and by saying it felt "bit tired" just shows how the writer has no appreciation for the classics or probably was introduced to the Resident Evil series starting with Resident Evil 4.

DoomeDx1144d ago

"Sadly, I'm not allowed to just write that and move onto the next game in the list. So let's talk RE4."

Wow.. Someone doesnt like his job.

Unlimax1144d ago

I will never take someone seriously in the RE community if they disliked RE3 in particular , that game was a pure masterpiece along side with the other RE classic games

WheatBread1143d ago

RE4 is a great game, but it's not the best in the series and it definitely wouldn't make the top 15 best games since 2000.

BenRage31143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I'm sorry but if you put the two games (RE1: RE4) side by side and were released today (meaning no nostalgic reviews), Resident Evil 1 wouldn't even get a good review because of the archaic tank controls and fixed camera angles.

For their time they were amazing (RE 1-3) and are still fun to play without a doubt, but RE4 was revolutionary in terms of gameplay. It was to 3rd person shooters as Zelda Ocarina of Time was to 3rd person adventure games: the 1st game to get 3 dimensional controls right in their respectful genre. So, it's perfectly reasonable to put it your top 15 games list.

In the end it's subjective. I love the series as a whole and have high hopes it goes back to it's core horror elements.

And although I agree with the sentiment of the article, the profanity just shows a lack of maturity and respect for writing. Grow up Mike Williams.

nucky641143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

RE4 is NOT the best goddamn game in the series.......fixed. and it is definitely not a top 10 game since 2000 - I wouldn't have it in my top 20.

the best game in the series was RE2. I will allow that mercenaries was one he11 of a fun side game in #4

BenRage31143d ago

If you say it, well it must be true.

nucky641143d ago

my opinion is no more less or true than anyone elses opinion.

you really took the time to post such a tired comment?