The Witcher Is Getting A Pen & Paper RPG Spin-Off

In a move that can only mean they’ve been receiving my daily letters recreating The Witcher for someone whose heart will only recognise games pre-1995, CD Projekt Red are teaming up with the company behind Cyberpunk 2020 to bring The Witcher to tabletops.

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Sureshot1083d ago

Just when you thought an old world RPG couldn't get any nerdier....

Where do it get it??

Jdoki1082d ago

I hope it's better than the Witcher Board game that launched. Not the worst board game I have played - but close. Totally missed the theme and tone of the books / games

MeteorPanda1082d ago

l'm gonna play a drowner!

Drowner used jump slash!
*geralt falls down*
Drowner used jump slash!
*Geralt stumbles*
Drowner summons Drownerx3
DrownerA used jump slash!
Geralt attempts dodge! /roll 1
DrownerB used jump slash!
DrownerC used jump slash!
Geralt has fainted.