Monster Hunter X Gets A New Trailer With New Sword and Shield Video

"Check out the Sword and Shield style of combat in Monster Hunter X."

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MeteorPanda1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

if capcom follows it's pattern with monster hunter games, this is probably going to stay in Japan only.

also hammer needs more love. They got out shined by charge blades ability to ko this gen and reach is still an issue.

breakpad1078d ago

what no blood ??? MH without gashes of anime blood is like RE without zombies.... i see money-Crapcom now tries to appeal to more younger audiences

MeteorPanda1078d ago

what's this gotta do with my comment :<

capcom have had this weird pattern with mh and localisation.

mh2 = jp
mhfu = int
mh3 = jp
mh3u = int
mh3rd = jp
mh4 = int
mhx = ??

you see the pattern?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1078d ago

nope. They have localized the past major Monster Hunter games on Nintendo platforms.

MeteorPanda1078d ago

you realize this game goes further than nintendo right? I think the only reason we got mh3 on 3ds and wii u was cause of all the petitions that were happening which may of led to nintendo seeing an interest and buying a contract out with capcom. I remember capcom didn't give a rats ass about anyone outside japan for ages.

Saelyn1078d ago

Otaku is right I think there are only two to date that have not been localized. Well technically one? As Monster Hunter Frontier did make it to Korea.

iDadio1078d ago

Didn't the deal with Nintendo run out or will be running out soon? A console release would be well received me and my friends put hundreds of hours into mh3u on WiiU and it sold relatively well so surely a console version is viable one the deal is over?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1078d ago

still believing such made up deal?

Saelyn1078d ago

The only thing is Japan views handhelds much more viable than consoles. So Capcom will be looking to x handheld and which sold the most to see which one will be receiving the next Monster Hunter.

mikel10151078d ago

There is no "deal", only what sells best for the cheapest console to make the game on.