There are no guns in Horizon Zero Dawn for a good reason

Horizon: Zero Dawn is fast becoming one of the most exciting future prospects on PS4. With a heroine inspired by Ygritte from Game Of Thrones and Ripley from the Alien films - as well as a development team bolstered by ex-Bethesda and CD Projekt RED staffers - it's basically the Enslaved sequel we wanted in all but name. Yet despite coming from the studio that gave us the delicately-monikered Killzone series, it's new action-RPG will totally shun ballistic boom sticks all together.

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NukaCola1028d ago

Everything about this game is intriguing. I am really excited to see them take a complete new direction from Killzone and go wild with the imaginative world. I am going to spend a lot of time hunting and crafting when this beast of a title releases.

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TwoForce1027d ago

After they showed it at E3. I was happy that GG took me a surprise and my face was melted.

amiga-man1027d ago (Edited 1027d ago )

Sony certainly have some impressive developers, another wow looking game thats showing real potential.

Bring it on

MrSec841027d ago

I totally agree, I can't wait to explore this world and see what the game has to offer.
From what I understand the machines have evolved into those forms to fit the purpose of their function, so the potential for different varieties is only limited by what logically works in that frame and the potential for gameplay to deal with all of those varieties is quite astounding.

I can't wait to find out what the crafting system is like, to try making traps for machines.
I'm hoping I can tame a horse like machine, Triceratops style, Thunderjaw or even a Storm Bringer to use as my own to navigate the landscape.

The potential for quests and developing relationships with the natives as you travel to different settlements and interact with other tribes or nomads seems very vast and complex too.
I can't wait!!!

miyamoto1027d ago

When members of mega popular bands play together to make music we call them a "Supergroup".

But I have never heard of a "Superdeveloper" until I read this article.

So this is the breakdown:

1 Guerilla Games

2 John Gonzalez, who previously acted as lead writer for Fallout: New Vegas (2010), was hired to write the game's story.

2 Ex-Bethesda developers

4 CD Projekt RED staffers who made The Witcher 3

This si the reason why the game looks and feels so beautiful.

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Sureshot1028d ago

The e3 demo of this game was amazing! Truly envious of the PS4 owners coz this looks like a mind blowing gem!

joab7771027d ago

Here's the thing. Start saving b/c you have probably 18-24 months b4 we see this game. And once u do get a PS4, you will have a ton to play and catch up on.

KeeseToast1027d ago

Nah, they started working on it after Killzone 3 so i am pretty sure its going to release next year

showtimefolks1027d ago


it's releasing in 2016, they have had a second team working on this title since 2010-2011.

MrSec841027d ago (Edited 1027d ago )

Guerrilla's last two games both came out only 9 months after they were announced, if anything this is going to release around March and Uncharted 4 will be brought forward to Feb.

Bare in mind that the behind closed doors footage of Bloodborne released around E3 last year didn't look anywhere near as good as Horizon does now and the performance of BB was much less stable than Horizon was.
Guerrilla said they'd begun developing a new IP back in August of 2010, so this game is close to 5 years in the making at this point, BB only had 2 and a half years, with a much smaller team working on it from the planning to release, Horizon will have had way more people working on it, in full blown development, not including pre-production, concept stages and prototyping.

If this game wasn't coming until Fall 2016 then it wouldn't have been announced until PSX at the earliest.

jeremyj29131027d ago

Scalebound has me envious of XBOne ownwers. Can't wait to see it in a few days. My hype for Horizon is immeasurable

TomLovesXBOX1027d ago

Really don't understand the hype for Scalebound as no one has even seen gameplay for it yet??? Do people just assume a new IP will great without seeing gameplay now?

MasterCornholio1027d ago


I'm guessing that people are hyped for it because it's developed by Platinum games. They do have a history of producing really good games like Bayonetta and Vanquish.

jeremyj29131027d ago

@Tom I'm hype because Kamiya is my favorite director and is responsible for a number of my favorite games. Can't speak for everyone else tho.

subtenko1027d ago

Well, ya could always get a PS4 and enjoy the game too.

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Big_Game_Hunters1028d ago

So using the turret that was on the robosaur doesn't count as a gun?

Majin-vegeta1028d ago

I think they meant along the lines of "Craftable guns".Plus it looks like it oonly has 5 shots and after that you drop it.

BTW it's a disk launcher not turret big difference ;)

22CobraKing1028d ago

Why bring up something about a gun if horizon looks amazing with what way shown.

Veneno1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

Probably just cause GG has done an FPS series for so long. But it's blatantly obvious from what has been shown that Horizon is a completely new direction so yeah why bring up the gun talk?

joab7771027d ago

Cuz there last 3 games were Killzone, an fps shooter w/ guns!

Rookie_Monster1028d ago

Can't wait! One if the best showing at E3.

Unreal011027d ago

You need a PS4 first though.

NeverHeavyMan1027d ago (Edited 1027d ago )

I DEFINITELY got a chuckle there! :D

OT: Anyway, this was the best game of E3, for me! Every new piece of info has been great!