Thunderbolt Review: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Justin Boot reports:

''Luso Clemens has a problem. Several, actually. Thanks to his inability to sit still, he's earned the ire of every parent and teacher who's ever had to deal with him. He's been tardy and disruptive so many times that he's earned himself a detention on the last day of class. Given his insatiable curiosity and short attention span, it's surprising that he can even make it to the library to serve his punishment. It's not like he spends his detention sitting around in quiet remorse over his blunders, either; he nabs the nearest book and frantically thumbs through it in a desperate search for entertainment. A horribly cliched plot twist and a bright flash of light later, Luso finds himself in the wilderness of Ivalice. About to be eaten by a gigantic chicken monster, he makes the first of many right choices: he joins a clan of warriors and begins his quest to return home.''

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