Can a PlayStation Plus Voting System Make Gamers Happy?

PSLS - With the recent rumor surrounding an upcoming feature that will allow PlayStation Plus subscribers to vote on which title they would like to have added to the list of free games for that month, Daily Reaction is going to discuss what this could mean for gamers, as well as talk about what features we would like to see added to the service and our general thoughts on how it has performed over the last five years.

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Majin-vegeta1151d ago

You can never make everyone happy.Someone will always find something to cry about.

the_dark_one1151d ago

exactly. in this case now it would be like, voting in a game that you wanted but at the end of the voting its a different that gets more votes and you are left with the game you kinda didnt want, and thats where people will come to complain

Nitrowolf21151d ago

I see this as a big Double edge TBH. On one plus, we get to decide what's free, but on the down it's Sony choosing on those titles we get to decide on. SO, while I've enjoyed my plus subscription, many out there have voiced their opinion and I think the general public wants more AAA titles to be featured. So if this doesn't improve that, I expect to see more complaining on forums and such when the monthly voting goes up

freshslicepizza1151d ago

it's a dumb move because the other two games people will not buy because they will eventually come to plus. why not just release all three for free or have a better selection to choose from than just three games.

AngeliclceDiamond1151d ago

This should make everyone happy

admiralvic1151d ago

Honestly, I'm sort of depressed people are asking this question in the first place.

Will someone complain? Yes.
Will people walk away unhappy? Yes.
Is it possible to make a perfect system? Theoretically yes, but no perfect system will ever be feasible.
Is this an improvement? Without a doubt.
Should we be happy that our odds of getting games we enjoy more has increased? I don't see why not.

I swear. Some people are so caught up in the negative, like hypothetical arguments or questioning if this will be enough, but ultimately it's an improvement and more than we could have hoped for. Now instead of getting a game you may or may not enjoy or have we have the chance to pick one that better suits your needs. Maybe it won't, maybe you'll get screwed, but in the end I rather have the chance of getting something I might enjoy more than Sony just picking one of them, which you know would have been free, than not having the choice.

IamTylerDurden11151d ago

You are absolutely correct, there is no reason anyone should be saying anything negative. If you don't like the quality of the plus lineup then that's fine, but that has nothing to do with this.

This gives you SOME say, where as before you had NONE.

Articles like this are part of the problem, they somehow attempt to twist an exceedingly positive thing into a potentially negative thing.

FallenAngel19841151d ago

The only negative I honestly see is that certain games will be passed over. Titles offered in the past like Vanquish and Binary Domain are great games that were overlooked at retail. Without a chance to shine on PS+ these type of games would continue to go overlooked with a voting system in place that ensures popular games have top propriety,

Aenea1151d ago

They said that they would offer up 3 game titles to vote for and that the ones not chosen will for sale at a discount afterwards. This tells me that the second game we usually get with PS+ is decided completely by Sony.

lelo2play1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

It all depends of the games offered with the voting system. What's the point of inserting 3 games to choose from if all of them are crap?

IamTylerDurden11151d ago

You are wrong, even if u had a choice between 3 "crap" things wouldn't you want to at least choose the least crappy among them? If you are choosing between 3 indies wouldn't prefer to pick the 1 you like the best?

Some months you may not like the choices, some months you may love them, either way it's nice to choose.

BigGamersSmallTalk1151d ago

Voting between 3 indie games doesn't make a difference to me. Unless they start offering some big AAA titles on PSN+ for the PS4 I won't even bother to vote. And if they put a AAA game up to vote against 2 indies...obviously the AAA game will this is kinda pointless IMO.

DualWielding1151d ago

no because getting to choice between 3 indies won't make up for the lack of AAA... and I'm pretty sure they'll never gave us a choice of 3 AAA games

22CobraKing1151d ago

You know it's not up to them to just pick out any AAA game and say we're going to put it on ps plus. I could see 2 indies and maybe Knack for a choice down the line. I don't think they'll put 3 triple a games but maybe just 1 with indies as a choice once a while.

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