This VR headset will make the PlayStation so much better says: We, as a society, remain on the cusp of virtual reality. It's coming...soon! More accurately, it's already here.

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Walker1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I can't wait until horror devs start having fun with VR. Just imagine games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent in VR headset ... can lead to a heart attack :O !

Am-No-Hero1204d ago

Dont forget Kitchen and Allison Road , man I think I cant play these games with VR

Cindy-rella1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Im going to buy Sony project morpheus day one

IamTylerDurden11203d ago

Kitchen has been haunting everyone who's tried it, it sounds incredible.

Morpheus will have no shortage of software bc though many games like The Deep, The London Heist, Super HyperCube, and RIGS mcl are being built exclusively for it, many existing games will have Morpheus compatibility patched in/added when the VR headset releases.

Games like Outlast, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Alien iso ect are likely to be on Morpheus as well as many many Oculus ports.

Rimeskeem1204d ago

I can imagine a warning before the game starts telling people if hey have a weak heart or history of whatever they probably shouldn't play.

medman1202d ago

Or a weak bladder.....

crazysapertonight1203d ago

On youtube you can see a lot of horror letsplays with Oculus Rift

bunt-custardly1203d ago

The real horror of these lets plays on Youtube is the complete over-reaction of the people playing and those commanding them to "act" rather than be genuine.

IamTylerDurden11203d ago

I'm buying Morpheus VR Day1. Kitchen looks so intriguing and sounds extremely terrifyingly scary. RIGS looks so fun controlling massive but agile Mechs in a competitive mp (arena) FPS made ground up for VR via Guerrilla Cambridge.

The London Heist looks like a full out AAA story driven FPS, i can't wait.

No Man's Sky will likely launch this holiday on PS4 but it'll also more than likely be playable on Morpheus VR, i can't think of a single game that i'd rather play in VR than NMS.

fxa52091203d ago

This is a niche product which will die soon. The product is not accessible to average and casual gamer because it will be be expensive to own.

PS4 price will at least double with Morpheus not mentioning the need to buy the Move joysticks and the headset. Sony should focus on something else because this thing will end up failing quickly.

Just my two cents.

OB1Biker1203d ago

The thing is 'average and casual gamers' dont buy new products day one. Morpheus should be a lot more accessible in the years to come just like many didnt buy PS4 day one.
VR is definitely part of the future gaming I have no doubt about it.

WeAreLegion1203d ago

That is incorrect. Go research both the technology's advancements and reviews of the devices. VR is going to be big. Very big.

donthate1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I think that depends on many factors including:

* how easy the equipment is to set up
* the price
* the experience
* the comfort for use in a long time (VR manufacturers have been very cagey about this)
* MOST important of all, how sick are people going to get

Remember when 3D game out and everyone was super excited for it, except people kept complaining how uncomfortable the glasses where.

These 3D glasses are super light compared to a VR headset, on top of the fact that it will make some people sick.

I'm looking forward to the inevitable watch my boyfriend/girlfriend puke trying VR videos!

I would like for VR to succeed and that VR sickness is largely resolved, but we will see.

ji32001203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

lot of people never try VR and they are comparing this thing with stupid 3dtv gimmick, just let you know THIS VR THING IS AMAZING! it covers your entire field of view including peripheral vision as well so makes it feels BEING THERE with ACTUAL SIZE OF THE ENVIROMENT. its much bigger field of view than IMAX theater screen. virtual movie theater alone is worth buying VR headset. i don't use my 150 inch projetor anymore, i have Imax theater in my house once i wear Oculus Rift.

starchild1203d ago

Have you used a modern VR headset? If not, I bet you will change your opinion once you actually use it.

VR is going to have a huge impact on gaming. It's not comparable to 3d on a TV. That would be like comparing a hydrogen bomb to a molotov cocktail. VR is on a whole 'nother level.

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GNCFLYER1203d ago

So excited for morpheus. Truly next gen stuff.

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