Direct3D Driving Casual to AAA

Chas Boyd was invited to speak at Intel's Buzz Workshop in San Francisco this summer. Intel kindly shared this talk with us so we can share it with you. We hope you enjoy this new-to-DirectX video.

Brought to you from Microsoft Graphics Education Channel on youtube

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dreadz741150d ago

Excellent improvements coming to all windows 10 devices . Dx12 is the most direct X ever tools are incredible and it applies to all devices on DX12 as it is a very efficient API. No doubt when DX12 games drop all gamer will be watching to see how they look on PC and Xbox one.... No denying that XB1 was built to use DX12 and that DX12 as a whole will bring new experiences and graphics that were not possible b4. Excellent video !!!!

christocolus1149d ago

Why roll your eyes? Did he say anything wrong?

Kal0psia1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

No doubt. Only thing is what about games developed fully through DirectX 12? Does that effect development for other platforms where different versions of the game has to been compensated for? ..hmmm

Reddzfoxx1149d ago

The video answers your question @ 22:19

noksucow731149d ago

Nice to see when this DX12 actually gets out and rolling. Not ported stuff, but stuff built from the ground up to utilize it. Some say it won't help at all, while some are saying we should see noticeable increases, so it'll be interesting to see.I think the xbox 1 is needing it, especially with the multiplats hitting 1080p on PS4, and not on XBX1. I personally don't really care, and can't tell the difference, but it seems like a major debate on all gaming sites when talking about multiplat reviews.

Reddzfoxx1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

The question that looms is does Xb1 already make use of the features that are coming to PC with DX12? If the answer is yes then expect very little performance gains as most of it coming from multi CPU / GPU support.

If No then expect gains in performance but how a developer makes use of the tools given to him means they can under deliver because they lack experience with the engine running on the API.

DX12 engines will be new with features while still keeping features from the last API as well that developers will be familiar with so we basically wait as MS won't directly tell anyone the answers to the obvious questions.

lemoncake1149d ago

We already know a few things such as the xbox isn't currently using its dual lane yet which is a feature supposed to be used in dx12, and also we don't have tiled resources yet which that esram with its limited size looks like it was made for. Gonna be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Julion07151149d ago

Agree with you 100% if it increases or not Idc I love my X1 some don't know what they are missing out on