Super Mario 64 to Get New Level Pack from Homebrew Developers

Carl Williams writes, "Super Mario 64 was a seminal release, it was one of the last times that a console and a launch title sold 1:1 at launch, and it was an instant classic. Sure, there were problems with Super Mario 64 but fans were too enamored with the quality of the overall package to be nitpicking little things like a sucky camera (sure you could adjust it, nay you HAD to adjust it). Nintendo had a hit on their hands and they knew it, the gamers proved it. Cartridges were here to stay for at least one more home console generation (they lived on a good decade longer in the handheld market). Now, nearly 20 years later, homebrew developers are working hard to finish their new level pack for Super Mario 64."

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bluebenjamin1149d ago

Too bad my windows 10 won't run project 64 anymore, It ran just fine on windows 8.1

brich2331149d ago

Couldnt you run the exe in Windows Compatibility mode? Right click project 64, go to properties and then run in compatibility for older version of windows. Lmk if it works!!

bluebenjamin1148d ago

I've tried that and it still didn't work, hopefully Microsoft will fix this with an update I've already reported this issue

BVFTW1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Will this be running only on emulators or it might be posible to use a flash cart or dump it in a cartridge for playing this on an N64? Either way gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, I need! I need!