This Game Boy Dating Back to the Gulf War Works Even after Being Bombed

A fan recently visiting the Nintendo World Store in New York found and shared a fascinating relic.

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idlet845d ago

it looks like it just wants to die haha

Mostafeto845d ago

Nintendo consoles are the strongest even stronger than the PS4 and Xbox One. I don't believe neither of them can survive even being near a firework, now imagine that this Game Boy survived BOMBINGS. Wow just wow, how strong will the NX be then ? :D

Super_Ninja845d ago

Have you tried blowing up your PS4 or XB1 to see if they survive it?

Mostafeto845d ago

There is a video on youtube showcasing people hammering the PS4 and Xbox One and they don't take a lot of damage.

WeAreLegion845d ago

You don't really GET technology, do you?

Mostafeto845d ago

I do to the extent that you don't have a clue. I understand that the stronger the console has nothing to do with anything but it's a good thing to make your console to endure some hard hits.

WeAreLegion845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

It's a heck of a lot easier to break a console with several moving parts. That's the point.

Nintendo builds good stuff, but so do the other two. The Wii U is just as easy to destroy as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The 3DS is a lot easier to break than the GameBoy, too. Advancements in technology do not change the laws of physics.

Revengeance844d ago

I wonder how much damage the Wii U can take? Probably not a lot XD

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Majin-vegeta845d ago

All about that japanese quality :3.The fire might not have been hot enough to burn the inside of it.

JacketsNest101845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

I had a kid come in to the store I work at a few weeks ago. He had his 3ds with him, and it was all taped up like it had been severely damaged. Turns out it had fallen out of a car going 70 miles an hour on the interstate and the only damage it had received was cosmetic. Talk about your durable technology. Nintendo handheld systems are built like tanks!

Captain_TomAN94845d ago

They do, and that is only ever a good thing. But they have to because they are for kiddies.

Mostafeto845d ago

Maybe even harder than tanks. I am not a Nintendo fanboy but when I see good effort put into making a handheld or even a console to be this durable then you have to appreciate it.

Snookies12844d ago

Haha, I used to call my original DS a tank... That thing wouldn't break if you dropped a house on it...

JacketsNest101843d ago

If my GBA sp still had consistenly working shoulder buttons I would still play it religiously. I have had that thing for over a decade and for the most part it still works like it's new.

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nowitzki2004845d ago

I swear they used to make stuff a lot more durable back in the day than they do now.

Majin-vegeta845d ago

Cellphones come to mind.Yesteryears phones could ttake a beating. Todays barely take one.

sourav93845d ago

Heck, nowadays phones get bent out of shape just by being in your pocket.

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