This is what happens when Facebook hacks Nintendo

It was the second day of a two-day hackathon collaboration with Nintendo, where employees had the opportunity to create levels with the upcoming game Super Mario Maker. And the ultimate prize? The winning level design would be available to download when the game launches.

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marloc_x1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Whatever DeNa and Ninty are cooking up could really shake up gaming..

..those first network announcements mentioned Wii U in a symbiotic circle alongside: PC, smart devices and NX.

..or within it? 😲

N4g_null1110d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game and the mobile games suprisingly. It's weird when I can find more ps2 classics on phones than the ps4. The whole play your game on any nintendo platform could be the deal sealer. That idea would mean low end markets get what they need along with the highend.

ABBAJESUS1109d ago

"Facebook buys Nintendo - Kotaku" That would be hilarious