6 Games That You Will Shed A Tear For

Developers create video-games that mesmerise us, thrill us, shock us and humour us. However, it is difficult to make a person cry or feel a sense of sadness when it comes to video games, or any entertainment format for that matter. It is imperative that there is a right recipe of; environment, storyline, atmosphere, characters and soundtrack. Please bear in mind that the scenes/endings are not in any particular order. Also, if you haven’t had the chance the play these games, this feature will contain spoilers. Let’s take a look at some scenes and endings that really pulled on our heart strings.

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GamerGabs1145d ago

It's really rare that games actually make me cry (although To the Moon really got to me). When I think about this, I wonder at why this should be the case. Games literally force you to take control of characters, dropping the player into their shoes, yet it's rare that we get deeply emotional despite the amount of investment we put in. I guess most games want to leave us with a happy or thought provoking message instead of a sad one.

MrsNesbitt1145d ago

Definitely dependant on how the developers string the important ingredients together: story-telling, characters, environment etc. I think most times the music that accompanies the scene can really pin point if you'll cry or not :)

Maple221145d ago

I hate replaying games when I know the ending is sad... just keep putting it off :( great list.

smashman981145d ago

Brothers a tale of two sons really hit me hard I was literally sobbing in my room for like 5 minutes. I have a really close relationship with my brothers so this game just defeated me

MrsNesbitt1145d ago

It is very touching. Thank you so much for your comment :)

mockzer01145d ago

I've never actually cried from a game before, but I remember getting kind of close playing child of light and I think it was because of the fantastic music.

MrsNesbitt1145d ago

I'm of the opinion that the music is key :)

JoeReno1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

it wasn't so much the ending of the Last Of Us that got to me, but the very beginning with the exchange between Sarah and Joel. I didn't cry, but I was way choked up. After that scene was over I was "holy sh!+ I am in for a wild ride" and I was absolutely correct for thinking so.

MrsNesbitt1144d ago

Agreed - an emotional opening.

WellyUK1144d ago

The scene with Ellie and Joel in the Farmhouse after she runs off gets me every time.

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