Rise of the Tomb Raider On Xbox One Ready To Take On Fallout 4, 'Quality Will Speak For Itself'

Rise of the Tomb Raider offers something completely different, says Brian Horton.

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SpaceRanger1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

i don't think they realize how big the Fallout franchise really is. Good luck to them though!

Edit (My take on this):

Fallout as a franchise has been in hiatus since 2010. People WANT it and want it now. And like TR, it's getting marketed by MS. Its a win win for MS, but I think TR is gonna take a hit from people going for fallout that day. I get people have different game tastes and some will buy both. But with COD, Battlefront, and other big name titles (Halo 5, Forza) coming out the same time..people have to realize that not everyone can afford several games, yet alone more than one.

Which is why all they had to do was spread games throughout the year or next year by delaying or shortening the time to release. Not that hard of a concept. Some people like waiting 10+ months for new exclusive games I guess?

-Foxtrot1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I think they are really shitting themselves about it to be honest. You would be if you are going against Fallout 4, a game which has been hyped up for years and finally gets announced with a release 5 months later.

Yet the Tomb Raider sequel has been hyped up for years and it's been shown off here and there. All we have on Fallout is what they showed us at E3 and yet people are going crazy for it. Look at the Pipboy edition for example...I'm surprised they haven't shown off a Tomb Raider Collectors Edition

I would move the release date, even by a few weeks after or before but it's like they either can't do that or want to look intimidated by it

"Rise of the Tomb Raider offers something completely different, says Brian Horton"

I don't think he gets that even if it offers something different people will always like the fact Fallout will keep you going for a long time, a single player only game while Tomb Raider will have the campaign then once you finish it that's it, the multiplayer will be there but I doubt it'll be that good or there's the collectibles

Good luck to them but they better not complain about sales afterwards because this is there own fault going head to head with it.

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gaffyh1145d ago

If Fallout 4 sells anything like Skyrim, Tomb Raider sales probably will take a big hit.

Mr Pumblechook1145d ago

I have a feeling that there will be pressure to change the release date.

freshslicepizza1145d ago

every year there is a lot more than one big game around that time of the year and they seem to do fine sales wise. it's why publishers continue to use that timeline to release big titles.

yet all of the sudden some people are acting 'worried'? but ask yourself, how many of these worried consumers have an xbox one or are even interested in getting an xbox one?

4Sh0w1145d ago

“We’re big fans of Fallout, it’s such a great game. But we believe we offer something completely different from a gaming experience point of view. We feel good about the date and the quality of the game will speak for itself,” Horton said to GamingBolt.

-Great to hear....I loved the reboot, finished it 100% complete again on X1, so on Nov 10 I'll be picking up ROTR for sure.

King_Slayer1145d ago


This game is doomed...

ShottyatLaw1145d ago

Can't we buy one of the two after it's launch day?

jebabcock1145d ago

Unfortunately, this deal was a bad idea. The media will have a circus with the first week sales and there after just like they did with TitanFall. If it sells less than 1 million the first week not to mention first month, it will be considered a failure as it will be compared to the first games initial sales across all consoles(which was actually alot more than that). Then SE and MS will try ignorantly to spin it as a success because it will sell slightly more potentially across X1 and 360 this go around... If it doesn't do that, then it justifiably should be considered a failure. I think it will do better though.

The true examination won't come until after we at least get the initial sales from the PS4 version, which won't come for a long time, by then it won't matter whether it can be proved because it will be old news and no one will really care anymore.

MS real goal is to increase Sales on the PC though. Tomb Raider has also always been a PC game along with being a PS staple. Pointing out again that MS is shifting away from console to PC this whole deal makes alot more sense from their perspective. PS fans may not be quick to purchase an X1, but they don't have to, just purchase the PC version and MS has shifted market share away from PS.

If you are playing on a windows 10 machine, it means you are still a windows 10 user... and an MS user at that.

4Sh0w1145d ago


-lol, Yeah November always has a ton of big releases, yet most still do just fine.....but we all know its just a bunch of bitter ps fans acting as if both games can only be sold on that one day and then they are just removing ROTR from store shelves.

-As the dev said both games are totally different but not surprisingly suddenly TR is some 'meh game despite its own past sales success, 'nah TR isn't that good anymore, according to the usaul folks who troll X1 news= they're just JEALOUS.

Kal0psia1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

It's America! Interest rates are systemically low, 401Ks have replaced pensions and the only way out of bubble economy is further spending (High living). That's how it's suppose to be, so Americans will have the money to spend. No doubt gaming industry still on the rise. I don't see an issue with spending for Halo 5 one month and then during Decemeber picking both fallout 4 (PC) and Tomb raider. So no worries for America.

If it doesn work out, some guy in a suit is getting fired.

Also think the Xbox One/PC version of the game is going to be fantastic! ;D

Army_of_Darkness1144d ago

Not gonna lie, tomb raider is way better than fallout 4 in general.

Magnes1144d ago

There is one major factor that puts ROTTR at a disadvantage to Fallout 4 at least sales wise. Fallout 4 will launch on PC,PS4 and XB1 where as ROTTR will launch only on XB1. Im no sales/marketing expert but to me that severly limits your sales potential.

nX1144d ago

If pre-orders and social media numbers are any indication Tomb Raider already lost that battle by a wide margin. Just to even think that they could go against Fallout just goes to show how out of touch they are with the gaming community.

Alexander1Nevermind1144d ago

If the reviews are good they may benefit from the timed exclusivity as by the time it hits PC and RPG players may be pining for something different.

WelkinCole1144d ago


You forget that this time around TR is a console time exclusive on a console that is not the leading console this gen. On top of it it is also not on the PC until later.

You people have seen what happened to Titanfall but at least Titanfall was on the PC same day.

So yes it is true that many games are released in the holidays and still do fine but most of those games are either established multiplat games like COD, AC or flagships like Halo or Uncharted. While TR is an establised francise it is not on a PS console or the PC same day like others.

Add the fact that TR always sell better on PS consoles and PC it boggles my mind how square would do such a deal.

Then the icing on the cake they release it same month as Fallout 4.

We are talking about Fallout here. A game that is second only to GTA is terms of sucking out the life of any games released near them.

Brave but completely stupid.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I know. It's a battle they have already lost. Especially with the way xbone consumers don't really support games. Anything that isn't Halo just doesn't sell.

The numbers show this.


And where is the proof of this? PS4's exclusives have been selling more than xbones in US. As have all the multiplats. Arkham knight even the Witcher which was marketed by MS. All sold far more on PS4 in the US.

World wide it's complete domination. Even call of duty is double the sales of Xbone.

PistolsAtDawn1145d ago

Yet X1 has a higher games attach ratio....weird that facts didn't listen to your theory.

Pogmathoin1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Wocketscience, where are your numbers? Also, you understand what attach ratio means?

Stogz1145d ago

@pistolsatdawn actually attach rates are extremely similar and every single game sells much, much more on PS4. Weird that your made up facts dont support the truth...

1145d ago
Papafynn1145d ago

I don't know about lost. The PS3 ended up selling more units than the 360. The battle just begun, just as one mistake was Microsofts undoing Sony may well also make a mistake the become their undoing. All said and done the X1 being out sold 2:1 by a more expensive console is very very bad news. The troubling issue for me is that Microsoft have done every thing right to correct this ship but it just isn't working. I just don't know what they can possible do now, a wait and see approach to how the year end perhaps.

Kiwi661145d ago

Look we all know that you have zero interest in owning an xb1 yet you continue coming into xbox articles just to push your crusade against anything xbox/ms related and where is you're proof that if it isn't Halo that it doesn't sell well as i seem to recall gta did well on xbox and that isn't halo

jttwister091145d ago

stop talking out your ass the xbox 360 sold 60 million more games than any other console last gen and that was with having the lowest sales of the three. Destiny even though it was the most marketed game by the ps4 last year still sold more globally on x1 then ps4

Bzone241145d ago

The attach rates for both the PS4 and the Xbox One are the same at 4.73. That's going by vgcharts though.

Ezz20131145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

**X1 has a higher games attach ratio**

Where did you get that from ?!
Lolchartz ?!

jebabcock1145d ago

Well in slight defense of Rocket... VGChartz after a year only has FH barely clearing 1 million. Its first week sales were dismal, and total sales in the US is still only at 390k...

You may not like VGChartz numbers and I agree they aren't always accurate.. But, even given massive margins of Error... The game must have faired extremely poorly overall.. I think that is kind of undisputed at this point. I've only ever seen arguments about it actually being a fun game. Never see someone actually try to claim it sold well... I'm yet to see a stat that indicates it did..

Note that Drive club also considered to have been a flop released at slightly higher numbers and has now sold nearly double that of FH... Just for comparison's sake.

DLConspiracy1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

" Especially with the way xbone consumers don't really support games"

I think that's a bit harsh. Especially when comparing to 2 to 1 PS4 owners. Everything is going to sell more on PS4 most times. That doesn't mean that it won't sell at all. You are damnig the game before it even comes out. In your world, 2 consoles can't exist. It's only #1 or nothing. Unfortunately there are 13 million gamers and counting who disagree..

I love Fallout but I am definitely picking up RotTR as well. Im sure they both will do well regardless of which will sell more.

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MyDietEqualsGames1145d ago

Fallout 4 will chew, spit out then rechew Rise of the Tombraider. I have the PC version and PS4 preordered and paid for, myself. That's already two sales! Lol.

SuperStatePro1145d ago

Ugh. Ok.. I'll play both but have fun with your bs.

EDKICK1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Fallout 4 is going to sell millions and millions of copies and will destroy anything not COD or Halo. Skyrim sold 20 million not immediately but still 20 mil is a lot I think Fallout 4 will do even more, so anything from basically Oct to Jan better be ready or move out of the way. But ROTTR doesn't seem concerned and I have to believe like others have said they made their money from the MS deal and MS is most likely putting it there to try to sell consoles. Big publishers aren't interested in losing money so if anyone was losing money from this deal or release date, it wouldn't be there and the deal wouldn't have happened. People don't like to trust big publishers and I don't blame them but trust that if they're doing something they're probably not losing money lol.

kaizokuspy1145d ago

Yeah trust MS...they bought Nokia for 7 billion and had to pretty much just eat the cost as it didn't even remotely turn a profit. They aren't made of unlimited money and if the xbox one as well as windows 10 don't turn out the numbers like they need to for revenue, then this isn't a sustainable business model and xbox one consumers will take a hit in some way. Regardless of how well it seems to be trucking along sales wise now.

EDKICK1145d ago

@kaizokuspy did you just compare MS buying a one year exclusive deals for a game (after PS4 fanboys hounded every article for months saying X1 had no exclusives) to MS buying Nokia, a phone company, lol. Really? So me saying that SE wouldn't have made the deal, losing sales from the PS4 and PC if they weren't going to make money. Prompted 6 disagrees, and a reference to MS buying Nokia which has no effect on Xbox. I just stated a fact, apparently some people are blinded by fanboy glasses. SE didn't do this to spite PS4 owners, they have no stake in this stupid and childish console war people won't let go, they did it to make money, I won't have done it, but then again I don't know the inner workings of SE and MS wants exclusives, reasons for people to buy consoles they both got what they wanted evidently. Will it work in the long run for either, it in no way hurts MS, SE I don't know. People are just baffled by this deal still and while I don't agree with it(as an Xbox1 owner) I can say hmm maybe this is why they did it instead of sending death threats to them like immature, narrow minded, pieces of trash.(not saying anyone who disagreed with me did that lol)

firelogic1145d ago

It's not like the first one did gangbusters on the 360. People aren't really frothing at the mouth for the new one. And SE killed what little excitement they had when they announced the PC version for early 2016 and PS4 later in the year. Couple all that with the deluge of big franchise games coming out at the same time and it doesn't bode well for TR.

LexHazard791145d ago

Of course they know how big of a franchise Fallout is. But whats wrong with saying their ready take on Fallout?
Should they say oh no we have no chance. Even if it was multiplatform it would still have no chance against Fallout but that's okay because people the experiences will be different and each will have a spot in my collection.

showtimefolks1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


sorry did I miss the announcement of Microsoft marketing fallout 4? does this mean ps4 and pc owners also have to wait to get the dlc expanion packs like fallout 3 and fallout new vegas?

I was hoping that fallout 4 would just stay neutral and even if they do sign the marketing deal, I was hoping the dlc expanions would release on all platforms at the same time.

but anyway on topic

does this even matter? square Enix has most likely already made the money from Microsoft deal so everything else is just the icing on the cake

many will buy both and play tomb raider first , it will be a shorter game than fallout 4 so finish it than take your time with fallout 4. the real question would be for those who can only afford or have time for one

I believe many go for value and fallout 4 will have way more content Than tomb raider.

but like I said square Enix isn't worried cause Microsoft took care money already

and in classic square Enix fashion they will be able to double dip. sell the game now at 60 than in a year sell the GOTY edition for 60 again to ps4 and pc owners as well as releasing it again for Xbox one

they did it with last tomb raider released it on ps3 and Xbox 360 than on ps4 and Xbox one

spacedelete1145d ago

i think they are seeing all these games this year break sales records and think they can replicate that but they couldn't be more wrong. they have annoyed every fanbase for example by delaying the PC and PS4 version people don't want to buy it because they feel disrespected. the Xbox owners are also annoyed because its announced its not a real exclusive. then the release date is same as Fallout 4. they are having a laugh if they think Xbox owners will buy Tomb Raider over Halo 5 and Fallout.

Bzone241145d ago

If an Xbox owner is annoyed and doesn't buy Tomb Raider solely because its not a real exclusive, then they are gaming for all the wrong reasons. But I'm pretty sure you don't speak for the Xbox fanbase.

EDKICK1145d ago

@spacedelete no Xbox fan is mad because it's not a true exclusive none. ROTTR doesn't need to "break sales records" because MS already gave SE a bunch of money. So SE made money from the exclusive deals, they'll make money when the game releases on X1, and then they'll make money when it releases on PC and PS4 and they'll probably do DLC or Complete Edition with all the DLC. So all in all they'll probably as much if not more money than they did with the reboot.

meanthyme1144d ago

Fanboys now feel disrespected? Quelle surprise!

finbars751145d ago

I cant stand the fact that they have this much confidence with this game. It's not just fallout 4 there going up against not sure why everyone is talking about just this one game. Call of duty,Assassins Creed,Star Wars Battlefront,Halo5 ect. Im sorry but Fallout 4 will be the least of its problems. I hope it does well but there are way to many great games coming out in between launches.

starchild1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

What's your point? All of those games are going up against each other by that logic. Can only one "win" and the rest must sell terribly? Tomb Raider is a major franchise. It might not be the biggest game releasing this holiday season, but it doesn't need to be.

Personally, if the PC version was releasing this holiday season I would get that before any of those other games. I loved the Tomb Raider reboot.

shloobmm31145d ago

The remake of tombe raider sold 10 million. they aren't worried

SuperStatePro1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

jzn - and now it's coming out on 2 consoles first and 2 after, so still close to the same amount OVERALL, and on top of that, the install base for the X1 is twice as high now as it had been for the first reboot, and the 360's is higher as well.

They'll sell even more this time around..

Zero1091145d ago

Every game coming out that month (rather in the fall/winter) is taking a hit really.

FO4, TR, MGS, Halo, AC, CoD, Battlefront, Just Cause, Mad Max, Forza, Uncharted Col and etc are all competing with each other.

Most are trying to cash in on a holiday deal/bundle/Christmas/New Year present and so on. As stated, most only have money for one or two and picking between them is the hard choice (you have limited money (which can be gained) but we all have limited time to play them... which makes the choice even harder).

There's a reason games such as the Witcher/Batman/Bloodborne sold so much (and cont. they all have over 3+ mil now) in a week? Because they had lil to no competition in their release window.

Azzanation1145d ago

I dont think you realize how big Tomb Raider is. Either way if you own a X1 you can get both. Both will sell well because of one key factor. There both different games.

mcstorm1144d ago

@Army_of_Darkness I see what your saying I'm not a big fan of fallout but I would never say a game from a different gore is better than another. For me I'm going to look at getting TR over Fall out but that's because Fall out is not my type of game.

It will be interesting to see how TR sells though with some other big name games only weeks apart. For me if a game is good I want it to sell well not matter if I like it or not as good games deserve good sales and last gen we saw some games like Alan Wake, Split/Second etc suffer poor sales but the games were very good.

TriangleOffense1144d ago

As much as I want to play this game I wont touch it for 6 months because of Fallout

Automatic791144d ago

Everyone who Knocks TombRaider selling on the same day as Fallout is just trying to downplay how incredible it is to have two great games on the same day. In my opinion I am purchasing both but TombRaider will be my first pick.

SpaceRanger1144d ago

If you're gonna reply to my comment then actually read it. Instead you make a statement that I clearly addressed in regards to people being able to buy more than 1 game.

Everyone is knocking it because Fallout is a far bigger game than TR. To say that TR will sell well with Battlefront, Halo, Fallout and more is the most ridiculous thing anyone can say. It doesn't take a genius to understand and see that.

tuglu_pati1144d ago

Not a Fallout fan, so I'll pick up Tomb Raider first and maybe Fallout down the road.

TheXgamerLive1144d ago

I'll sound off with my thoughts by saying I pre ordered both.

Pre orders on Microsoft's website also nets you a $10 gift card for both.

Automatic791144d ago

"To say that TR will sell well with Battlefront, Halo, Fallout and more is the most ridiculous thing anyone can say. It doesn't take a genius to understand and see that."

First I never said TR will sell well or bad you did. But if you are cherry picking then you should say all games will have problems with the incredible line up and sales of all games should be affected. You cherry picking TR shows more fanboyism then real concerns.

SpaceRanger1144d ago

You're telling me I'm cherry picking yet you completely ignore the main point of my reply to your comment. That's cherry picking. Adding my take on why people are saying that TR is going to do alright is not cherry picking.

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DarkOcelet1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Two completely different games.

That said, hopefully those two games are amazing.

robtion1145d ago

Yep, I'm looking forward to both. I am lucky enough that I will be picking up Fallout 4 for PS4 and ROTTR for XB1 at the same time. The hard part for me will be deciding how to split my limited gaming time between them.

Papafynn1145d ago

Two completely different game but each cost $60. Most consumers don't that luxury of being able to afford two games especially since time to play games is finite regardless if you own both. I will buy Tomb Raider but i feel Fallout will be the very clear winner in sales by a mile.

Kurisu1145d ago

I'll be buying my Xbox One alongside Tomb Raider! I played a bit of Fallout 3 on PS3 but I couldn't get in to it. It was the same with Oblivion. The genre just isn't for me.

Captain_TomAN941145d ago

@Kurisu Same with me, then I got it for PC and adored both it and New Vegas. Bethesda games are meant for PC - Period.

shloobmm31145d ago

I will be buying both.

@robtion may i ask why you would be buying FO4 on PS4 since the X1 version will have the Mod support quite a bit before the PS4 version.

umair_s511145d ago

I want both these games to be commercially and critically successful

Rachel_Alucard1145d ago

The problem comes down to market oversaturation on the Xbox side due to them releasing all their heavy hitters in the span of 2 months. The music genre of games died off eventually because of oversaturation on the market year after year with new expensive peripherals losing many peoples interest quickly.

I can bet you by december we'll be seeing NPD results with less than favorable numbers for the Xbox. Not terrible or bad just not good.

shloobmm31145d ago

You're out of your mind. X1 will dominate October,November and December.

Rachel_Alucard1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


Yeah because they totally don't have to compete with Fallout 4, Star wars Battlefront, Mad max, Just cause 3, Black ops 3, R6: Siege, MGS5, AC: syndicate, and the many other niche/AA titles spread out in between those. The sad part is we know that all those games will sell much higher on the PS4 then the xbox if the trend for the last 2 years is anything to go by.

The only thing the Xbox might sell better in is console sales but A. It's most likely going to be only outselling in the U.S. alone versus worldwide. B. It's only going to outsell by a small amount. C. It's only going to sell well during the desperation attempts they may pull like last year but end up losing more in the long run anyway.

The simple fact that articles about Xbox doing better than PS4 in anything are the highlight of the day just shows you how rare that is. Stay delusional.

DLConspiracy1144d ago

Games don't become unplayable a week or two after release. Some people buy games 6 months later and it still feels new to them. Some people will get gift cards for games. Some people will get gifts from different family members during the holiday. There is no real rush. These games don't have expiration dates.

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Adexus1145d ago

Buying both but I'm going to have to work out a schedule to play them both at the same time...

robtion1145d ago

I feel your pain. Good problem to have though I guess.

Am-No-Hero1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Oh look at the headline , that just comes from Gamingbolt lol

Relientk771145d ago

Yeah well good luck I guess, I wouldn't go up against Fallout 4