Rated M For Mild

Bart Robson reports:

''The gaming industry has a thorn in its side, ladies and gentlemen. No, I don't mean Jack Thompson, and I'm not talking about bad Wii ports being shoveled onto the console - problematic as that may be. No, I'm talking about a lack of graphic violence, sexual content, and language.

"Hold on a minute!" you may cry, waving copies of various mature games in the air and making rude gestures with your free hand. "That's rubbish!" Boo, hiss, etc etc. Granted, there are loads of so-called mature games - games that receive an M rating or the 18 label, depending on where you live. But how hardcore are these games, in all honesty? Look at any PG-13 slasher movie and you will find bucketloads of more detailed gore. Any teen romantic comedy is bound to have raunchier love scenes than most any video game in existence.''

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RadientFlux3584d ago

The author makes a few good points but you also have to take in effect how interactivity can make any experience more intense.

For example the audio alone in "Bioshock" gave me goosebumps and not a single horror movie has given me the same experience.

I think rating system at the moment is pretty fair though I would be happier if the "ADULTS ONLY" games would actually be supported by both publishers and game console makers.