Playing as Alfred in Batman Arkham Knight is the best thing you'll see all week

It's time to be the Butler and take on the goons of Gotham as Mr Pennyworth himself. This Batman Arkham Knight PC mod allows players to use any character to hurtle around the city and no one does it better dressed than Alfred. At least there are some perks for PC owners when it comes to the World's Greatest Detective.

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Relientk771230d ago

Alfred kicking @$$ and taking names lol

scark921230d ago

Something is really cool seeing someone wearing formal clothes beating guys with that combat.

I hope there is a martial arts games with an evolved version of the Arkham combat system!

DillyDilly1230d ago

I tried using the playable characters mod & all that does is make the characters fall through the maps ? So I gave up on thar

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