Gamescom may be open to everyone but games are far from inclusive

Despite the name, what the National Video Game Arcade (NVA) in Nottingham showcases are not "video games" in the exclusionary, borderline threatening sense, but the broader idea of "play." There are arcade cabinets, modern and retro consoles, and idiosyncratic exhibits from broader gaming culture. Designed like an art gallery, it's a tribute to how the fundamental experiences of games, the pleasures of challenge, interaction and sharing, are universal.

The same can be said for Gamescom, an annual trade show which kicks off in Germany next week. It's a trade show, so a lot of pre-launch, pro-industry hype gas gets blown around, but Gamescom is open to everybody - kids get in for free and as much as unreleased games, the floor space is dedicated to curious and unconventional exhibits.

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donthate1205d ago

An article discussing racism and sexism. It is a great article, but I don't expect everyone to understand it.

DLConspiracy1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Who said I didn't understand it? The title was loosely related to the actual piece. Gamescom was perhaps the idea behind the piece but it feels like it was put in the title for people to read it.

If someone wants to make a game about whatever they want, they can make one. It's that simple. The beauty of being inspired to create something.

spartanlemur1205d ago

Well of course most people won't understand it.

I expect only those with university degrees in complaining would!

However it is quite easy to understand the motives of the author (if not their points). One need simply read Nietzsche, as this is a prime example of how the "slave culture" of bending over backwards to serve others without recompense has become so endemic in our society today.

donthate1205d ago


I didn't mean "not understand" in the context of intelligence, but some things you cannot understand (a better word might be perceive) unless you have experienced it.

People often time are very quick to say "I'm not racist, because I have so and so friend which is so and so". What they fail to understand is, racism often times can be subtle and can often times only be understood by people that are subjected to it.

That is what I mean by "understand", and why the author brings forward Lara Croft.

This isn't about forcing developers to create a game by having more of something to prevent racism or sexism, but to get others to create different content that isn't aimed at one group made by one group.

DLConspiracy1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Well I think a lot of times people are being a bit over sensitive. Not say this article is. I just was caught off guard once I read it. That doesn't mean I support racism or sexism. It just means I came in and was a little thrown off.

People try to make a game or a movie with a different character in it's place and the game or movie gets torn apart for being contrived or sexist anyway. That's why they get these consultants now to help them understand sensitivity of the subject matter before they write or make these things. So they can understand it or so they don't get called racist or sexist.

These are characters and nobody is going to agree on if they like a character or not. Not 100% let alone trying to please anyone to make a character that doesn't come across as sexist. Why? Because if you are looking for a reason to find it you will. You are going to find a reason to complain. Some men are tough and work in construction. Some men are not tough at all and like poetry. Some women fight in the military and run the country and some cook and clean. Does that mean it's sexist that there are people like that?

Again, I am all about equality but at some point you have to understand these are just characters. Why aren't people losing their mind over The Witcher 3? That's got sexism, racism and numerous other "isms".

I support a diverse gaming storyline so people need to get up and make games/movies they feel are more sensitive to these ideas.

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stanr1205d ago

This feels like the banter of some SJW who's only understanding of video games comes from reading Anita Sarkeesian tweets.

donthate1205d ago

Actually, this is quite a good article (albeit an opinion piece) and nothing like SJWs.

FullmetalRoyale1205d ago

So stanr can't have an opinion?
I hate that "actually" crap when it's trying to correct an opinion, and not an actual mistake.

001205d ago

what is this garbage, you know I bet it's a bunch of first world white people going on and on about inclusiveness and diversity so they can sit in their ivory tower feeling like they accomplished something. I'm getting sick of these identity politics shoved everywhere.

ShaunCameron1205d ago

The funny thing about is that many of those first-world White people who yap on and on about inclusiveness and diversity often live in places that have neither as they certainly don't practice what they preach.

Dlacy13g1205d ago

Umm...I don't think it's the white people that are pushing that agenda. Just sayin

001205d ago

your right it's a very loud obnoxious minority of white people who want to fight for the poor minority because we're to stupid to do anything ourselves. this inclusiveness and diversity is always coming from the same type of people, like ShaunCameron people who live in their own bubble.

ShaunCameron1205d ago

LOL @ you accusing me of living in a bubble. I actually agree with your statement.

001205d ago

opps sorry that was a typo, it was supposed to read "like ShaunCameron said people who live in their own bubble"

spartanlemur1205d ago

Yet more social justice tripe.


ShaunCameron1205d ago

Indeed! The article was written by yet another self-loathing White male.

REDDURT1205d ago

Basically put more gay in game.

ShaunCameron1205d ago

Basically it's saying that Blacks, women and gays can't (competently) represent themselves so it's the progressive, benevolent White man's duty to do it on their behalf, or better yet force his more meaner conservative brother to do it in this case.