Remove Level Requirements From Witcher Gear in Witcher 3

For those who have had their fair share of time with Witcher 3 and for those who are still busy in exploring the wonderful world of Witcher, we have a news; a new tweak has been created that removes all level requirements that are imposed on the Witcher gear.

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nucky641206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

uh, I don't know how much the author has played the game, but there are quite a few swords and armor that outclass any of the witcher gear.

edit: you really have to be looking to find most of it, though!

Hold_It1206d ago

You should remove your scrub mentality.

AndrewLB1205d ago

Level requirements were the one thing I disliked about the Witcher 3. Why do you have to be super experienced to wear a set of high quality armor? it doesn't make much sense.

SlightlyRetarted1205d ago

Because getting better gear step by step is more satisfying, than over powering yourself with gear early on the game. Sense of progression!

LAWSON721205d ago

I don't disagree, but finding an armor/schematic that is epic and than finding out you have to be 10 levels higher ruins the sense of discovery.

SlightlyRetarted1204d ago

Finding best armor/weapon of entire game accidentaly super early in the game ain't fun either. It's a bitch to balance a game if you happen to find a sword with 300 dmg while roaming early game. Overpowered character leads to boredom.