15 Misconceptions Non-Gamers Have About Gamers

Can gamers ever be a part of "normal" society when stereotypes like these loom?

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Godmars2901230d ago lost me by putting a fifteen item list on fifteen pages...

DragonKnight1230d ago

Blame SEO. There was a site you could use to delist pages like this and view it all on one page but I forget what it is. I'm not going to bother with the article until I can find it. There are extensions for your browser, but Chrome eats enough memory that I don't need to add more to it.

Plus, it's gamingbolt.

hay1229d ago

Just google "deslide", I use it all the time on Gamingbolts and other pro "journalists" that need to mince clicks.

Jerry Seinfeld1230d ago

Thanks for the heads up. No clicks from me.

FITgamer1230d ago

They lost me when i saw gamingbolt. No clicks from me.

TheSaint1230d ago

Agreed, clicked on it, saw fifteen pages, clicked it off.

KingKevo1229d ago

And that is why add-ons that block ads are good, because you won't give sites like this more money by viewing their ads on the one page you view when going there only to realize that they are trying to screw you over.

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DualWielding1230d ago

Unfortunately, I match the stereotype, I'm an awkward nerd who can't get a gf

remixx1161230d ago

Nah have confidence in yourself broski, them chicks is crazy bruo, they want you.

DragonKnight1230d ago

You know what you might try if you're looking for a gf that may be into gaming but you are too shy to start a conversation yourself. Buy a gaming related t-shirt, preferably of a popular or semi-popular game that you know a lot of people like and that you also like, then try to get to like local conventions or meet ups and just let people start conversations with you. Then it's just about relaxing and letting things happen from there. Confidence is key, but not always easy. In times like that, the law of averages in a big crowd can work in your favour. LOL.

remixx1161230d ago

Haha you should a seen what it was like when I was rockin my Kirby shirt😉

DragonKnight1230d ago

Did you have to beat them away with a stick? Lol.

One thing people don't seem to give Nintendo credit for is that their mascots are good at drawing in the attention of the ladies. It's the idea that they'd never expect a guy to like something like a pink ball of cuteness.

HonestDragon1229d ago

Nonsense, dude. You have just as much chance of finding the right girl as anyone. You just need the right strategy is all. Think on what DragonKnight mentions. Wear a t-shirt with a gaming related graphic on it. That's a great conversation starter and you don't necessarily have to be one to start talking. I have Pokemon, Power Rangers, Marvel, Batman, Legend of Zelda, and other gaming related shirts. They are great at conventions, stores with a lot of pop culture products, and electronic stores.

Gozer1229d ago

I cancel out your +stereotype, with a -stereotype. Ive had countless girlfriends, and female sexual partners. So if we were standing together, and some a-hole tried to insult you, I could instantly reduce them to virgin status with tales of my sex life.

Pro-tip: A smile and/or a simple wave can get your foot in the door. Give it a try, it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

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SilentNegotiator1230d ago

And unfortunately, it hasn't been helped by our own hobby's media, thanks to corrupt journalists smearing gamers for calling them out.

madjedi1229d ago

Maybe if gawker is gutted by hulk Hogan's lawsuit or someone else's games journalists will be force to come clean or find a new line of work.

SolidGear31230d ago

Fortunately my girlfriend is just as big of a gamer as me. I just got us Dragon Age: Inquisition and she'll be playing it while I'm working tonight.

ShaunCameron1230d ago

This "normal" society isn't worth being part of, though.

Jerry Seinfeld1230d ago

What instument will you be playing as it burns to the ground?

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