EA Access grows apace and see Dragon Age: Inquisition this summer

In a recent meeting with investors, Electronic Arts unveiled its report econômico.E they gave details on its overall profitability and how the company keeps growing in sales.

But what interests us the Xbox One, Electronic Arts wanted to talk about his service EA Access and how it continues to grow at an accelerated pace, but did not give figures. All indications are that the company is pleased with the platform. It was Blake J. Jorgensen, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Electronic Arts revealed that.

"EA Access is still with continued strong growth and continue to improve it for the players adicionanado more games to The Vault. Titanfall already in the vault, and Dragon Age: Inquisition will be added at the end of by the end of september, offering a total of 13 titles."

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Black0ut1207d ago

The amount of content in Dragon Age: Inq is pretty awesome and the fact that it'll be in the Vault soon just shows you how worth it the service really is. There's Titanfall, BF4, UFC, Fifa 14 & 15 out of the 12 games currently in the vault - Add Dragon Age: Inq and that's just unreal.

Insane value for not only current X1 users but also a gold mine for
new comers that are yet to build up their library.

RiseofScorpio1207d ago

Subscription will skyrocket once DA:I is in the Vault, me and all my friends are subbing once it hits.

Black0ut1207d ago

Exactly this^

I know a few dudes that will be doing the same thing. Very good value and it's pretty cheap if you go for the yearly sub.

Xbonewone320151207d ago

Sony fans love to downplay titanfall.

The numbers dont lie though, most evenings and weekends rgeularly see 10,000+ current online players at any given moment.

And it still has the best gameplay out of every next gen fps so far.

MasterCornholio1207d ago

What do Sony fans have to do with the article?

Xbonewone320151207d ago

The comments they make about titanfall.

Titanfall is part of the vault's success.

Dragon Age is joining the vault.

Its all related.

authentic1207d ago

10,000 players isn't a all.

Xbonewone320151207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

10,000 concurrent players for an fps next gen console game 1.5 years old puts it up there, like for like, as one of the most successful.

How many concurrent players does killzone see? Or cod ghosts?


poppinslops1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Titanfall is the best-selling new IP for this gen... I still play it regularly (moreso now that I've finished Wild Hunt).

I'm gotten pretty good, but I find it's too demanding to play for long stretches, so I jump in, play a few rounds and jump out... I imagine most people play this way, which would account for such 'low' numbers.

All I know is it's better than Destiny, Battlefield and CoD... Hell, it's the best multiplayer fps I've played since Team Fortress 2.

donthate1207d ago


It is the best multiplayer gamer since Gears of War 3 for me!

So addictively good. Been playing since beta!!!

ger23961207d ago

Considering it's inluded for free in the vault, the spike in players is expected.

MasterCornholio1207d ago

I ask again.

Why drag Sony fans into this article?

Its almost as if you want to start something.

JamesBroski1207d ago

Maybe on Xbox One, but on PC the game is pretty much dead.

Pandamobile1207d ago

Well it's not free yet on PC.

The only ones still left playing on PC are the ones that have 1000 hours in the game and just tend to make the game un-fun for everyone else that tries to play it.

LifeInNZ1207d ago

Titanfall is great fun but its let down completely by its inept lobby system and zero support for clans. Honestly, a multiplayer only game with dedicated multiplayer servers and you cant even list what games are being played.

The lobby is about as advanced as the one the developers used for COD4....and look how old that game is!

donthate1207d ago

What do you mean what games are being played?

It lists how many people play in each game mode.

LifeInNZ1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

What I expect from a multiplayer only game is for it to list the games that are currently in progress, your connection to them, how many are playing in that round. You know, like Battlefield or loads of other multiplayer games that have dedicated servers.

Titanfall you just select a game mode and it puts you in whatever game it finds first. Doesnt matter if the game is almost finished...or has just finished (i.e. you end up waiting for the level to load to then find out its over), or if you're put onto a team where every one is a noob but you. How many times have you quit a round just to be put straight back into it!

Titanfall offers the bare minimum in terms of lobby mechanics which for a multiplayer only game in this day and age is unacceptable. For me its the game's biggest weakness.

donthate1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )


That might be how you prefer it, but for me I don't cherry pick my matches and jump around. I let the matchmaking pick the games that is best for me, and I play a bunch of games.

Personally, what you describe which is a very PC centric thing is not what I want.

Practically all games on consoles do it this simplistic way. It is not the bare minimum, as it is the standard way.

I have only seen Battlefield that does this differently.

Anyhow, what you describe isn't wrong or anything, but stray away from the what console experience strive to be.

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MasterCornholio1207d ago

I enjoyed the game and I recommend it. However be wary of the repetitive side quests though. If you try to do all of them you will burn yourself out.

Mrveryodd1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

This and live cost me $120 a year . I can't keep up playing all the games these two services give me. The best value I get for my money , can't think of any other thing that gives me better value.

atlys1207d ago

How does EA Access and Xbox Live cost you that much? I just renewed Live for $32.99 for 12mo, and Access is $30 for the year. That's $63 altogether. Hit up for discounted Live subscriptions.

Bzone241207d ago

EA Access is $29.99 and if you pay full price for Live it's $60. You shouldn't be paying any more than $90.

I can usually find Live for around $35. So that'd be $65 for both. If you are paying $120 a year for both you are doing it wrong.

I do agree that both service are of great value.

StrayaKNT1207d ago

Amazing service. Just imagine next year when need for speed, battlefront and Fifa 16 get added in.
Can't wait though I'll play need for speed when it releases lol.

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