The Gamers' Temple Review: Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

Ned Jordan writes:

''The Command & Conquer series is still new to consoles although PC gamers are intimately familiar with it. Unless you count yourself among those PC fans then the story in Kane's Wrath will make little sense to you because the game assumes that you're pretty much familiar with the whole C&C timeline. You may also be surprised by the hammy acting and cheesy dialog in the game's live action cutscenes if you didn't already know that this is one of the hallmarks of the series and is all quite intentionally over-the-top. Whether or not this all makes sense to you is of little consequence because this is a real-time strategy game, and thus is far more dependent on good gameplay action than it is on storyline. So let's set the story aside and just take a look at the gameplay.''

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