Anno 2205’s Closed Beta For Pre-Orders Cancelled

Yesterday afternoon, a community manager for Anno 2205 took to the forums and announced that the closed beta for the game had been cancelled on the eve of Gamescom. This normally would be fine, as betas are erratic by nature, but this particular beta is a bit different. Ubisoft has been using the beta as an incentive for pre-orders of the game, in fact they are still doing so on the game’s official website. Naturally, this has lead to many unhappy customers who pre-ordered specifically for access to a beta that no longer exists.

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nowitzki20041228d ago

Preorder cancelled.... If I had one.

Jdoki1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

A beta should be a period where people report minor problems and stress test the game.

Why someone would want to pay full price to be a QA tester is beyond me.

I suppose it's because no one actually treats the beta as a 'beta test'. It's just an opportunity to play the game a bit earlier and be on the receiving end of the bugs that people who wait to purchase won't encounter.

It makes me laugh when I see people criticising alpha and betas when there are problems...

General Shrooms1228d ago

early access alphas/betas are not immune to criticism, especially when they are often sold at full retail price.

1228d ago