Face-Off: World of Tanks

Digital Foundry:

Among the most ambitious 'free to play' titles available today, World of Tanks gets a visual overhaul on Xbox One that few expected. It's unique for being the only game on Microsoft's box to have cross-platform play with its older Xbox 360 release - where owners of both consoles can play in the same 15v15 online battles. But Xbox One gets plenty of upgrades over and above this, from remade map assets, a new lighting model with high dynamic range (HDR) and improved physics and effects. It's a makeover that puts PC behind in some regards, but can Xbox One claim to offer the true, definitive version?

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urwifeminder1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Was going to have a go last night till I realized it was a 31 gb download, thats all the space I have left may wait till I get a drive.

Kingdomcome2471203d ago

Best buy the last I saw had a sale going for the Western Digital My Book 3TB external for $109.99. Still a decent bit of money, but a good deal. I have 4TB worth of external storage now, and it sure beats the install/uninstall carousel. OT: I downloaded this and went through the training, but I'm not sure that I'll really play it.

urwifeminder1203d ago

Yeah cheers will most likely stay with a 2tb so I don't have another power plug, plenty of deals out there just have not got around to it.

Mutant-Spud1203d ago

It's a tad expensive if you're going to play seriously and at higher levels it can be tedious if you don't pay for the premium service.