Phil Spencer 'learned a lot' at ChinaJoy 2015

Phil Spencer had a great week at ChinaJoy, and learned a lot. There's more work to do in China but good progress so far.

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christocolus1203d ago

Nice. I hope more western ips are localized for the chinese audience.Hopefully KI, The Witcher 3,MGS and games like GTA make it there someday.

Cant wait to see Phil on stage at Gamescom.

DemonChicken1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Following after the release of the PS4 region free, Microsoft has unlock the region on the Xbox One in April. Games are easily obtainable in the underground markets and most games are already localised in Chinese anyway which again easily obtainable in Hong Kong

ABizzel11202d ago

Everything they had at Chinajoy was western stuff, and that's not what's selling in China. China is like JP, and follow their homemade games much more than anything from the outside.

MS has a lot of work cut out for them in China.

RiseofScorpio1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Is that why World of Warcraft has millions of subscribers from China? Or the large lines to play the Master Chief collection?

ABizzel11202d ago


A line at a comes conference that let's everyone play for free, is now a gauge to determine it's success.

Now could you also do me a favor and show me the install base for WoW in China.

littlezizu1202d ago

They should have held conference like Sony if they were serious.

Magicite1202d ago

But did he learn chinese?

Rookie_Monster1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I think he spoke these words to the Chinese audience.

Phil Spencer: "我是神"

Someone with the knowledge of Chinese please translate what Phil said, please.

MasterCornholio1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


It can't mean what Google translate says.

Basically the translator says that 我是神 means "I am god".

Kingdomcome2471202d ago

@MasterCornholio- It would be rather funny if that was what he actually said because someone tricked him into thinking that he was saying something else lol.

MasterCornholio1202d ago


Yeah that could be it.

But that's pretty disrespectful in my opinion.

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Rimgal1202d ago

Learned what?

How the hell is this considered news?

ABizzel11202d ago

That they need to really get China devs on their console to sell in China, and what were the most popular genre of games there.

Rimgal1202d ago

The guy said nothing. If he did an interview telling us everything he saw and who he talked to. Or telling us how great MS is doing with market research in China. That would be news, and actually interesting.

This is a freaking tweet that says nothing. What's next? A tweet from Spencer saying "I've seen some stuff"?

WeAreLegion1202d ago

You must be new here. These people fart and it's front page news.

nowitzki20041202d ago

He farted for the sake of gaming though.

Blastoise1202d ago

I look forward to finding out what Phil Spencer had for dinner tomorrow on N4G.

jznrpg1202d ago

I understand people like Spencer but articles on him are starting to be too much. It seems they are trying to market him as much as the xbox since some fans have a hard on for him.

ScorpiusX1202d ago

Like what this site normally does w/ Kaz.

Blastoise1202d ago

No, not really.

Last Kaz article was 162 days ago

ScorpiusX1202d ago

@Blastoise but how many before that last one.

OOMagnum1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

People stop talking about kaz during ps3 era. I think you're referring to Shuhei Yoshida.

bf0007779661202d ago

Xbox cannot compare to PlayStation when it come to Chinese support, all first party game have Chinese version, MSG5 and mighty no9 have a Chinese version exclusive to Ps4

Soap_Z1202d ago

That's right. Sony's work on Chinese version games is welcome in China. It is an important factor making PS4 dominant in Chinese next-gen console market.
And that's why many Chinese gamers don't like nintendo. Many 3ds gamers in China play cracked 3ds games because of language problem.

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