EA: 360 motion sensing controller 'a smart move'

The heavily rumoured 360 motion sensing controller would be a "smart move" on Microsoft's part, according to an associate producer at EA.

Speaking to, EA Tiburon associate producer Gred Rinaldi, who was in the UK to promote Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, said that if MS were to release a motion sensing controller it would have to incorporate Wii MotionPlus style technology.

He said: "If Microsoft was going to get in on the game, they would need something that incorporated a gyroscope and accelerometer. Microsoft could do it."

Although Rinaldi couldn't confirm that MS had a motion sensing controller in the works, he did say it would be a "smart move" to release one.

"I can't speculate on if they would," he said. "But I think it would be a smart move on their part to do that. That's my opinion. I don't really know what their plans are, but I would like to see it."

He added: "It's probably something they're keeping tight lipped for a reason. They're trying to compete directly with Nintendo now. Obviously the big three are always battling it out. If Microsoft does come out with it then I'm sure Sony would have to do its own thing. It's a gruelling competition, but I think there's room for all three. All three have their own things to offer."

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sajj3163668d ago

an associate producer would say that ...

Although I believe immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, its not going to win over Wii gamers to the 360 or PS3. A casual Wii gamer will not graduate to better graphics + online functions.

I'm not for 'optional' motion controls either because I know it will be done half-assed. Reference the SixAxis experimentation. I love Sony but even I will admit a poort attempt at motion controls.

Monchichi0253668d ago

But I AM!! It would def. be a first day purchase for me. And a reason not to buy a Wii!!!

sajj3163668d ago

you and how many other 360 gamers?

Aclay3668d ago

I wouldn't call it a "smart move" for Microsoft to introduce a Motion Sensing controller because Casual gamers are going to buy the Wii for Motion Sensing anyways. It wouldn't matter if the 360 was $99 bucks and the Wii was still $249, Casual gamers would still get the Wii.

Microsoft would have to come out with a slew of games to support the Motion Sensing Controller to actually justify someone buying the 360 just for the Motion Sensing gaming and they just don't have the First Party studios to do it because RARE can only do so much at a time. Some of those 3rd party games that are on the Wii could be ported to the 360... but then the 360 would have tons of shovelware because the majority of the really good Wii games are developed and published by Nintendo, and Microsoft could never get their hands on those games.

Gigaman3668d ago

If Sony decides to add a Wiimote-type of controller to the PS3, I would be pissed. I like the PS3 the way it is. We don't motion controls. The DS3 works great the way it is.

SmokingMonkey3668d ago

they just want the so called "lightsaber" game every gamer has a hard on for

Product3668d ago

MS is just to late to hop on the motion bandwagon.If it came with the system yes it might have worked.......but 2+ years after release to make a motion control ADD on.........not many fans will buy it.

Besides doesnt sony AND ms fans think motion is a gimmick?

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