EA console unlikely

An Electronic Arts console is unlikely because it would be too "exclusive", an associate producer at EA Tiburon has said.

Speaking to, Greg Rinaldi, who's currently working on Tiger Woods 09, said that EA's goal as a company "is to get out to as many people as possible".

Rinaldi told that despite the rumours an EA console is unlikely because it wants "everyone to be our customer".

He said: "I know there are rumours about it and this and that, but we do games and we do games well. That's something that we should really focus on."

When asked about the lure of having all of EA's games exclusive to its own console, Rinaldi replied: "As a gamer I wouldn't like to see that. I think games need to be platform agnostic. You've got to remember that our goal as a company is to get out to as many people as possible. We want everyone to be our customer. We want to appeal to every demographic, every age group, every country and nationality.

"Putting yourself on a console like that and saying you need to buy our console, it's a little too exclusive, which is why we release our games on every console possible. We want people to have access to EA sports and that experience. If you only own a PC or you only own a DS or you only have a PSP, we want you to be able to get that experience."

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Expect an EA console when they own every game out there.

jkhan3643d ago

I think with the ever increasing cost of game development, industry may want to move to a single console. But its pretty much impossible as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft doesn't want to see each other faces.
EA is already considered as an Evil entity among gamers. I am not sure releasing a console would be such a great move.

bluecapone3643d ago

EA wont enter the console race because its 2 expensive thats fact now everyone chill out and buy Madden 09 next month

dro3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

dont by Madden 09 by FIFA 09 ;D

ON TOPIC: i think ea will stick to software,if any other company can break into the console market i say Apple...just my opinion!!

Ben10543643d ago

mmmmm ok, charging us full price for a patch of out sports games every year, yep you do that great

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