Crysis Warhead: No more special DirectX 10 effects

As interviewed Bernd Diemer, the producer of Crysis Warhead, he confirmed that the "very High" settings are renamed to "Enthusiast" and will be available for DirectX 9, too.

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Bigbangbing3641d ago

is Crysis Warhead a Downloadable Pack ?

or in DVD ?

Alexander Roy3641d ago

It's a stand-alone game that features a better engine (in terms of optimization at least) and the same story as the original Crysis, but from another point of view (you play another character).

Rizzle-Q3641d ago

Crysis Warhead is a standalone game in DVD format.

"It turns out that rather than the next game in the series, Crysis: Warhead is a standalone expansion pack for the original game which, much like the original Half-Life expansions, will tell the same story as the original game but do it through the eyes of another character. In this case, that character is the British Sergeant, Psycho."


Bigbangbing3641d ago

will Thanks you all :)

bubbles for you all !

jay23641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

No, this is unacceptable, if you're computer doesn't have a DX 10 card, you can't use DX 10 feature in any game. Removing DX 10 in a game because people don't have a DX 10 card is stupid and a waist of time. Much like making Warhead. Get on with Crysis 2, don't provide us with the same story and no DX 10.

Altered_Soul3641d ago

What could be done in Crysis in DX10 could also be done in DX9, as anyone playing around with the config files found out rather quickly. As long as you have the hardware to pull it off, you could just as well use the "Very High" settings in DX9 as in DX10. It was an illusionary boundary more than likely part of marketing for the fledgling GFW initiative, and the push to get PC Gamers to trust Vista.

They are just pulling the curtains now, telling the truth as it were.

And as for the "people should have DX10 cards" (paraphrased), anyone that could even remotely run Crysis at High or Very High, were more or less required to have a DX10 compatible card, as it was that generation of video cards that could pull it off in the first place, DX9 OR DX10.

Shroomy3641d ago

More parallax mapping, and light rays that when shined through trees would look great, but the latter feature was in Halo 1!

Crysis looks spectactular on High as it is, and as soon as the community gets it's hands on Crysis, a few tweaks in the config and bam, DX10 baby!

jay23641d ago

All I'm saying is that DX10 shouldn't be scrapped.

slinkey1233641d ago

But it didnt make any difference to the way it looked. all DX10 does it half your FPS..

DX10 = Major fail!

Extreme_Coolcat3641d ago

It's just that there are no more differences in visual quality if the DX9 renderer/graphics card is fast enough. The mod guys have fewer work to do now ;-)

Anway, good news for Win XP users.