Mass Effect - v1.01 Patch / Bring Down The Sky DLC Available NOW

WorthPlaying writes: "Bioware has released the Bring Down the Sky addon for PC, further expanding the Mass Effect story and universe. It includes a new uncharted world that introduces the deadly Batarian alien race, approximately 90 minutes of new gameplay and an original soundtrack. Also avaialble is a v1.01 patch fixing various audio issues, plugging bugs, crash and memory problems."

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Waiting for the DLC to be free for my 360

frostquake3704d ago

So it looks like it is FREE on the PC, so the Content should now be FREE on the 360 Right?? Waiting Bioware!


i wish i had not paid for this.... kudos to you guys for holding out.

its something to do in the game, but hardly worth paying for.

kinggeoff3704d ago

we got horseraped on this one

no more DLC from LIVE for me.