Fans Don't Think Smash Bros.' New Tournament Modes Are Good Enough

Super Smash Bros. got a big update today, adding something that fans of Nintendo’s colorful mash-up fighting game have been eagerly awaiting: an online tournament mode. Once they started to get their hands on the update, though, many weren’t thrilled to see what had become of it.

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DiscoKid1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

It's cool, but some things need to be tweaked.

Custom Moves and Equipment should be a totally separate rule. Being able to use Custom Moves online is wonderful, but when you have people with Regen and Super Armor on, it ruins the competitive aspect of the tournament.

Regular Tourneys should have a shorter registration time limit. The tourneys fill up way too fast for them to have such a long wait time.

Didn't know about the disconnections eliminating both fighters from the tourney; when I saw it happen, I assumed both of them DC'd.

Aloy-Boyfriend1202d ago

Is it is right now is a waste of time. The registration time are atrocious and regular tourneys don't start even when it is full.

Also there's no option for 1v1 nor team battles for tourneys, and the regular tourney rules are handled by Ninty. Seriously?

More options and less time registration is what this needs asap. I'm not going back until they fix that

CaptainN1202d ago

People are never happy and always find something to bi+ch about. Shocker !!

cpayne931202d ago

True but this tournament mode still kinda sucks. Complaining often gets things done so hey, why not?

Concertoine1202d ago

I wish they would add a local tournament mode like the old games had.

rjason121202d ago

They may if people complain enough, I thought there were gonna be offline tournaments.