Naughty Dog Developers Explain Why You Should Move to LA to Work With Them

Naughty Dog is always looking for talent, and today they posted a new video giving a glimpse on the studio, and explaining developers while they should move to Santa Monica to work at the house of Uncharted.

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98xpresent1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I have nothing but respect for this developer.

ginsunuva1205d ago

I know I'm in the minority here, but I think Naughty Dog is actually a good developer.

b163o11205d ago

No serious, that is a joke right?

DarkOcelet1206d ago

I wanted to work at Naughty Dog since Crash 1 but unfortunately it's hard being a game dev/designer/artist. It's takes alot of dedication and studying. And I am already studying to become a pharmacist. Maybe after I am done with that, I could concentrate on making a game then earn the right to work at that awesome studio.

But for the time being. A janitor at ND is the best work for me :). Or a chef.

SolidGear31205d ago

Yeah, I was going to say janitor as well. Except I have an Associate degree in Network Administration, just never got a job in it.

gosukyomomma1205d ago

wow thats surprising sorry to hear that, what country do you live in? im a network administrator in england and theyre screaming out for people with networking skills, hope it picks up and you finally get one - if you still want a job in networking that is

Tonykid1205d ago

I met/listen a couple of people from naughtydog and they all tell who'll need experience before entering ND not just make a couple of small indie game.

HighResHero1205d ago

Assuming you will be working around 40 hours/week as a pharmacist, that should leave you plenty of time to focus on it. Understand that programming, etc. requires a lot of commitment before hand.
Don't listen to naysayers. If you are smart, dedicated, and persistent you can do almost anything.

nowitzki20041205d ago

Ill be happy being a janitor for them.

hoju691205d ago

As an aspiring 3D game artist myself, the best thing anyone ever told me about becoming a game developer is that you have to be as in love with the process of making games as you are with playing games. I've known many people who have set out on a path to become a developer, only to realize it just really wasn't for them after all.

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DevilOgreFish1206d ago

All game companies have welcoming pages and videos for jobs, the process is still on a hand picking basis.

I'd be mighty pissed if i paid $1,000 for a flight to an interview only to get turned down.

b_one1205d ago

There are some basic interviews (few of them) done by phone or skype, and if they are 90% certain they want you u put yourself in to plane and go to sign papers.

G20WLY1205d ago

Anybody that paid $1,000 to turn up at their offices uninvited, with no prior contact, should be turned down under the Stupidity Act 2016 - yeah, they just brought that in, Google it...

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Tonykid1205d ago

Actually in the interview process after they finish over the phone interview they will fly you down and that's when things get serious.

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Germany71205d ago

I really want to, but i can't do anything right, maybe if a job playing games from them, i'm okay to go.

Grap1205d ago

You could do QA but even that job requires knowledge on Coding and bachelors IT.

spacedelete1205d ago

just carry on sitting on your ass playing videogames. some people just aren't capable of anything.

RedDevils1205d ago

Some people think coding and developing video games is as easy as playing video games, really need to venture their career elsewhere

kneon1205d ago

Well if everything you know about coding is what you learned from movies and TV then you'd think writing code was trivial. From what you see in such media you'd think churning out 10's of thousands of lines of code in few hours is normal, as is hacking in to a system faster than someone could log in if they had the password.

Having been writing code for over 30 years such depictions really bug me. In the real world when you're working on bleeding edge stuff you will usually spend most of your time staring at the screen figuring out how to do something, not frantically typing as if you were taking dictation.

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