2015: Year of the Remaster

There have been many remasters so far in 2015. The last time I saw this many remastered video games was around 2012. There were a lot of remastered games coming out for the PS3 around that time, but that was such a huge upgrade graphically. To put Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on the PS3 let people play two games that are so immensely popular, The Last Guardian is one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives shown at E3 this year.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1208d ago

I wonder what a premastered game would be... hmm.

joab7771208d ago

One that never needs a remaster, like Bioshock. JK...I want all 3 Bioshock remastered so badly.

C'mon 2k!! It's money in the bank. 3 games 1080, 60 fps w all dlc, and I'll pay whatever.

It's a no brained for real.

SolidGear31207d ago

Me too, dammit :(
Yet we get stuff like Prototype. Yeah, I enjoyed Prototype but nothing like BioShock or Mass Effect which I believe both deserve current Gen releases.

LoveSpuds1207d ago

My god I couldnt agree more, I would do anything to play a remastered Bioshock. Just thinking about a remastered Rapture makes my dizzy!

warczar1207d ago

You just had to say it didn't you. My day was going just fine and now I'm going to be thinking about nothing but how badass a bioshock remake would be, thanks a lot joab. /s

Unfortunately that will probably never happen, at least not by the original developers.

1208d ago
OhMyGandhi1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I love Uncharted. I love God of War. I love The Last of Us. I really enjoyed Tomb Raider.

But enough is enough, people.

if we keep using the "it allows them to get familiar with the technology" argument, developers will then turn and remark, "wait, they actually BOUGHT that excuse?!?".

gorebago1207d ago

last i checked, no swat teams are busting down u our door and forcing you to buy anything let alone a remaster... at gun point.... so......

Malphite1207d ago

Why complain. 2015 is an awesome year for gaming. We're getting a huge amount of great games in the same year. Remasters are a bonus.

Saranya1208d ago

Year of Remaster......Station.

chrisco84au1207d ago

You cannot be referring to the console which is about to release an exclusive with 30 remastered games? Can you? Surely not........

I'm pumped for Rare Replay, will be an amazing trip down memory lane, I also love remasters, more games the better.

As for your troll attempt, I mean, 'comment' - check your own back yard before criticising the neighbours.

1207d ago
Petebloodyonion1207d ago

I'm sorry but you can't compare Sony with MS

Except for Uncharted Trilogy, Sony is basically repackaging the same game with normal extra setting a pc version get for free. Yet they charge you high price for reselling you this game while stating they work hard while doing next to nothing (I'll praise Sony for giving Journey free if you had the ps3 version)

On the other hand MS is selling you compilations or remake instead of remaster.
Gears ultimate, the only singular title, offer you complete redone graphics instead upscale one, new modes, new chapters and cross play with Pc players.
This kind of game is more similar to the like of Resident evil Hd or Super Mario Bros 1 in super Mario Allstar.

chrisco84au1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


"Sony is basically repackaging the same game with normal extra setting a pc version get for free"

Except you cannot get those Sony games (Last of Us, God of War, Journey, Uncharted) on PC. So a pointless comparison.

As for the "redone graphics as opposed to upscaled graphics" crap you slam into your keyboard in your fanboy infused fit of rage.
When games already look as amazing as God of War and Last of Us, not much is needed to be tinkered with.
And these 'new' modes and chapters you speak of (in Gears) were already in the PC version or future instalments of Gears games, yeah?
So by your standards MS is 'just' porting the PC version while slapping on an existing mode or 2?
What works for one side of a discussion works for the other.......

And who are you, me or any of us to say a company does not work hard on a remaster? That's insulting to these very hard working men and women who bring us these games so we can enjoy our HOBBY. Don't be so immature to suggest any dev isn't hard working. Poor form my friend.

Me, I am all for remasters of ANY kind on every system, I bloody love them, have been a very vocal supporter, so I think you are barking up the wrong tree trying to play the MS v Sony Fanboy card with me buddy.

LoveSpuds1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

So far my experiences of remastered games has been nothing but positive. Titles such as Metro, Grim Fandango, Borderlands 2, GTA5, HALO and the best of them all, The Last of Us have offered me countless hours of entertainment.

They sit on my shelf alongside titles such as Sunset Overdrive, Alien, Batman, Witcher 3, Bayonetta 2, Shadows of Mordor, Farcry4, The Order, Destiny and a couple of dozen other games which just reinforce the FACT that there are still plenty of 'new' titles to play alongside the remasters.

Dont like a particular title, dont buy it but dont try and impose your will on others. These remasters are selling so it is quite clear that there are plenty of people who simply like games and dont get hung up on whether they have seen a release previously.

chrisco84au1207d ago

Perfectly well said.
Bubble up.

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